River Dance

River Dance 1

River Dance 1

I love listening to the rain fall. It’s so peaceful.

Life-giving rain falls continuously all day long, filling rivers and streams, and the dams.

Well, it is winter and we really need it.

River Dance 2

River Dance 2

Of course, rain also falls on my stoep!




30 thoughts on “River Dance

  1. Tails by the Sea

    There’s nothing like the gentle putter-patter of soft rain. We’re always on the verge of draught over here in Southern California, so we also appreciate any drops we can get. Here’s to getting drenched!

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  2. pensitivity101

    These days I can relax to the sound of rain. It has such a genteel rhythm sometimes. Yesterday afternoon we had a bit of an enigma here on the marina……. the boats opposite us were getting wet, and we still had glorious sunshine!

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  3. ulli

    Water is life, Scifi. I love leastening to the rain fall, too.
    But this year, we have to much rain fall and life. It’s like autumn again. What a strange summer …
    Happy Friday,

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