Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

Mr SL Snoozing

Mr SL Snoozing

Who am I to disagree?

Mr SL Snoozing 2

Mr SL Snoozing 2

I travel the world and the seven seas,

Everybody’s looking for something.

– Eurythmics


And all in  your dreams.

I like that my old boy Mr Spaghetti Legs is smiling in his sleep here.


post script: Lyrics by Eurythmics, and you can listen to the song here, Sweet Dreams Are Made of This.




43 thoughts on “Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

    1. scifihammy Post author

      I once added a gallery of photos in a post, but this WP Reader thing seems different to me. I really don’t think we have any control over it – as they do the thumbnails for everyone, with more than one photo in their post, regardless of their Theme.
      That’s why I wrote two separate posts for the prism rainbow in the Croc shoes!
      No worries! 🙂

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  1. Midwestern Plant Girl

    OK, so now I’m in the reader looking at this post on a real, live computer 😉
    I see what you’re talking about, you have ‘gallery photos’ at the bottom of your post. I found my site/posts and they are there also. What I’ve quickly figured out is that if a post only has one photo, there is no ‘gallery’. There should be a way to turn this off… I’ll take a gander soon. Got the big, pig party Saturday, but I’ll look at it soon.

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