Hey Sparky, *Howzit.

Where have you been all winter?

Have you been checking out my loquat tree, to see if the fruit is ripe yet?

Any day now!


post script: Howzit is a South African greeting; How’s it; How is it; How are you; Hello!



31 thoughts on “Visitor

    1. scifihammy Post author

      hehe Everyone seems to be commenting on this – but really, that is just what they look like here – even after winter! 🙂


      1. Crystal Cotton

        I had an up close and personal squirrel viewing last night, as this squirrel was scaling up the screen on my window like some ninja. There’s a tree right out in front of my house he likes to jump off of and land right on the awning, like he owns the place. He’s been around for quite sometime now, but he’s never been so brazen as to jump on the screen before, so now I think I’ll call him Rowdy Roman!

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