Cheeky Visitor

Olive Thrush 1

Olive Thrush 1

My cheeky Olive Thrush now has a bath twice a day!

Olive Thrush 2

Olive Thrush 2

Splashing most of the water out of Little Monkey’s dog bowls;

Olive Thrush 3

Olive Thrush 3

And staring me down!

Olive Thrush 4

Olive Thrush 4

How dare I watch his ablutions?

Cheeky indeed!



23 thoughts on “Cheeky Visitor

  1. blosslyn

    He is so cute, are his chest feathers red or a dark orange, the bowl is just a perfect size for him……I think I will put some around our garden in the summer and give the birds a treat πŸ™‚

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