Grapevine 1

Grapevine 1


Haiku 36

Sultry summer days

A glass of ice cold white wine

Lethargic evenings


Grapevine 2

Grapevine 2

Though these baby grapes, the promise of future wine, will not be ripe until February, fortunately there are plenty of excellent wines currently available; made from previous harvests.



46 thoughts on “Promises

  1. blosslyn

    Lovely colours, our grapes have lost all their leaves and now are quite bare, we are going to have wait for several months before we get grapes to pick. It lovely to see yours just starting to grow……its lovely to see that beautiful blue sky šŸ™‚

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    1. scifihammy Post author

      Aw, happy to oblige. šŸ™‚ I’ll be looking out for winter scenes from you to help me thro the hottest days here. šŸ™‚


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