Distortion 1

Distortion 1

Sitting under the shade of my trees in the early evening I looked over at the pool and noticed this strange sight.

What on Earth is it?

Distortion 2

Distortion 2

On closer inspection I realised that it was two empty beer bottles, floating on the top step of the pool*, put there by my husband. Their image was distorted by refraction in the water. . . . Or, after a vodka or two, was the distortion in my head? Which gave rise to this little haiku:

Haiku 37

Squiffy beer bottles

Warped beyond recognition

By one too many?



*post script: The blue thing behind the beer bottles is the pool bobbin; a plastic container that floats around the pool and slowly releases chemicals into the water to keep the algae at bay.



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    1. scifihammy Post author

      No No – No-one was in the pool with glass; just the bottles had been carefully placed there – when empty! And the pool pump was no longer running! 😀

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