Talk the Talk!

Misty Morning

Misty Morning

I speak English very well.

I speak school French well enough to get around in France.

I was good at Latin. (Not much use in the real world; in speech anyway. Quite useful in understanding language and for crossword puzzles!)

I dabbled in German a few times.

And I understand Afrikaans fairly well.

But there is one language it seems I will never, ever master.

I don’t speak Man!


44 thoughts on “Talk the Talk!

  1. ambikabhardwaj

    How could we master the language of man! When mankind is diminishing? But I guess, our’s is to attempt! Keep on trying 🙂
    Love the way you put the moment inexplicable emotion into simple words 😀
    Great work!

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  2. dobetteralways

    Ha! I’m semi-fluent. I find the key to deciphering them was to be a translator of womenese to men and whenever I’d do that they would inevitably respond with how a man would communicate the same message and thus enable me to connect the dots.

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    1. scifihammy Post author

      haha Really? 🙂 When I hear two men talking, they make no sense to me, but seem to understand each other perfectly! 🙂 Just shows . . . perhaps they don’t!

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