All Roads Lead To . . .


. . . Elephant’s Eye Cave!

The grapes have been harvested for the next vintage of wine and these rows stand empty in the vineyard, as the leaves slowly turn to orange.

I thought those if you in the Northern hemisphere awaiting your Spring, might like to see a typical Autumn’s day here in Cape Town.

The mountain in the background looks like an elephant lying down, with its head on the left. The cave is in the position its eye would be; hence the name Elephant’s Eye cave.



37 thoughts on “All Roads Lead To . . .

  1. blosslyn

    Thank you for sending a blue sky, in fact it worked, because here in the Uk, well the part were I live, had one just like that today, not sure if we will get another one. But not a mountain in sight, so it is nice to see yours….a lovely photo `;0

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      1. blosslyn

        Yes we have had 3 days of blue sky and warm weather, but today its turning a bit windy and grey. Just right for our trip to York tomorrow ha ha 🙂 But yes hopefully Spring will be here soon 🙂

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    1. scifihammy Post author

      It is a lovely place. 🙂 And yes, no rain still and it looks so dry as they are no longer irrigating it after harvesting the grapes.


  2. C. C. Cedras

    Years ago my Darling Husband and I spent time in Franschhoek, which is so beautiful and a real jewel, as you know very well. We were astonished at the superb quality of the wines. I wish we’d been able to ship some home! The South African wines we can buy here are not the scrumptious varieties from the small vineyards in your region, but the mass produced ones. Not the same, sadly.

    Thanks for the explanation of Elephant’s Eye Cave!

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