Heaven Scent


Heaven Scent

Even the brightest Sunbeam

Needs a little rain






post script: The answer to last post’s movie trivia quiz, “Who said ‘Like molten steel’?” is Leslie Nielsen in the 1995 comedy “Rent a Kid”. He would compare the oddest things to molten steel. eg This glass is as clean as molten steel.

Points for effort go to Samanthamurdochblog and A Curious Introvert. Thanks for playing along.


24 thoughts on “Heaven Scent

  1. samanthamurdochblog

    Lovely flower and words 😺 ha ha! Thank you for the answer, I would have never got it! I like Leslie Neilson – the classic ” Don’t call me Shirley” always makes me laugh!

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    1. scifihammy Post author

      Thank you very much πŸ™‚
      I Love that quote – from the movie Airplane. It was the first time I’d seen Leslie Nielsen as a comedy actor and he was brilliant. πŸ™‚

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