Aldeburgh Beach 1

Aldeburgh Beach, Suffolk.

Not a beach to dig your toes in the sand.

Aldeburgh Beach 2

But interesting.

And it reminds me of the Neil Diamond song, Stones, which I love!

Well pretty much any song by Neil Diamond!



32 thoughts on “Stones

      1. blosslyn

        Oh you were so lucky, glad you had a nice time and I bet the fish and chips were lovely 🙂 I would love some English fish & chips here in Frances, but they still have not mastered true fish and chips 🙂

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      2. blosslyn

        I quite agree about the cheese and wine…but I am sans gluten, which does not help, as gluten free bread is horrible, I have crackers instead 🙂 but it does not stop me from having the cheese and wine 🙂

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    1. scifihammy Post author

      Excellent that your new local beach is sandy 🙂
      I remember one year at Bridlington (our summer hol destination!) there was a strip of broken shells over several metres between us and the sea. I had to carry my younger sister over this. Ouch!! 😀

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  1. Garfield Hug

    This reminds me of Brighton Beach. I think pebbled beaches are unique to UK only. It is a pretty blue against colorful pebbles great for a screen saver for cell phones😊
    *I hope this is not duplicated as my earlier comment went to cyberspace😝

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  2. Garfield Hug

    Reminds me of Brighton Beach! I think pebble beaches are unique only to UK! Really pretty beach photo and contrasted with colorful stones! It would make a beautiful mobile phone screen saver😉

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    1. scifihammy Post author

      Thank you 🙂
      I’ve not been to Brighton, but I think you’re right – there are many pebbly beaches in UK.
      Actually, I did take these photos with my Galaxy phone, so could use the photos as screen saver etc 🙂 Good idea! Thank you 🙂


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