Autumn’s First Gold

Vine Leaf Autumn Gold


Haiku 51

Catching golden sun

Tucked in lavender for fun

Has Autumn begun?


I found a few golden vine leaves caught in my dried up lavender. The morning sun was just starting to illuminate them with its warming rays.

Autumn in the Cape is a beautiful, albeit short, season.

Temperatures start to drop now. I may have to dust off a jersey!



28 thoughts on “Autumn’s First Gold

      1. taphian

        I always loved summer most of all, because here it never gets too hot. A few days of spring have passed and now it’s terribly cold and windy again. Soon I’ll give -up my hopes for spring, maybe next year…. sigh

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      1. scifihammy Post author

        I think it’s relative, so you probably feel warmer at 22C than we do? Mind you, I guess anything above zero is toasty to you guys! 😀


  1. Stareofthedog

    Delightful though this is and I do love Autumn, I would just as soon boast about the arrival of our somewhat ‘damper’ British Spring and Summer. Hoorah. Dog walks in the dry…and the light!

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      1. quiall

        uumm well I guess it is what you are used to. I could never handle the heat of your summers. But the beauty of our countries will always be there. I hope.

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      2. scifihammy Post author

        This is it – I think you are used to what you grew up with. I grew up in UK so I will always find it too hot here and loooong for winter! Today there is a cool breeze – I love it, but my friends will be in jumpers! 😀

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