Sparkies for Africa!

Squirrels 1

I often see a squirrel on my lawn, or climbing on the fence or a tree.

But this time I spotted three squirrels all at once, which is very rare. A scurry of Sparkies!

Squirrel 2

Though they all seemed to be youngsters, one of them was particularly young; so cute with his skinny little body.

Squirrel 3

They were very busy digging for food in my garden and generally scurrying around.

Squirrel 4

They look awkward walking on all fours on the ground, being much more at home climbing straight up a tree.

And after all that hard work time for a little drink; in the bird bath!

Squirrel 5

They have also drunk out of the dog water bowls on the stoep, but I haven’t managed to catch a photo yet.


Of course, with all this extra activity going in in the garden I have to remember to double check for little grey bodies before I let Little Monkey out. Sometimes I forget.

Squirrel 6

LM spots them instantly and is off like a shot. One time it looked a little too close for comfort and I bellowed at her to stop! She skidded to a halt and her back legs collapsed. I like to think she was already stopping because I told her to and not because her legs gave way, but I guess I’ll never know. (Her back legs have been doing this for over a year now. No cause can be found; she is very healthy, just getting old.)

Still, I never thought that LM would become nearly as well behaved as my previous dog Lady, as you can see from this post of three and a half years ago; The Further Adventures of Sparky the Squirrel: Part Two.


post script: Many of these photos were taken through a window, so please excuse the blurry, milky appearance, or with my Galaxy phone, not great on distance shots.


37 thoughts on “Sparkies for Africa!

      1. thesecretblind

        Yes the little so and so tried chasing one up a tree once whilst working in Harness 🙈. I was wondering what he was doing and the person who was with me told me he was after a squirrel as he jumped up the trunk of the tree!! There is always one and it’s always him 😑

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  1. blosslyn

    Oh they are just so cute, you are so lucky to see so many, we get a glimpse once in a while. We see more deer than squirrels 🙂 I might add in our lane not our garden, wouldn’t be much garden left 🙂

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  2. A Curious Introvert

    I always enjoy the Sparky photos and posts!🙂 I’ve been worried about Gabby lately and how slow she has been moving around, but I was cheered up today to see her race across the yard after a squirrel.🙂

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    1. scifihammy Post author

      Thank you very much 🙂
      And isn’t it fantastic how our old dogs can suddenly ‘fly’! LM did the same thing as we were leaving the field after dog class this morning. SQUIRREL! She’s gone! 😀

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  3. pensitivity101

    A young and curious Maggie got nipped on the nose by a squirrel in the woods so tends to ignore them now. MOH’s previous dog Jenny was forever chasing the tree bunnies and once went up the trunk after one. MOH had to get a ladder to get her down. He was not amused, but when he told us, we thought it hysterical!
    Maybe these three were a young family, parents and baby. Great pics.

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      1. Garfield Hug

        Yes, but you try and this is important. Whereas for most other folks, they might just say vermin…and tell the dog to “kill” or “get them” My dog (who died sometime back) used to be such a great rodent catcher and would dart about the garden catching whatever that crawls, including snakes! Yoicks and I feared for her safety. I once laughed so hard as she was barking at a darn snail and you know how long a snail takes to crawl away and so to stop her from incessant barking, I had to lift the snail and place it somewhere far away ! Good morning to you!

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      2. scifihammy Post author

        Yes, I do try to stop LM from chasing the animals – at least in my garden.
        And that is an hilarious story about your dog and the snail!! 😀 😀

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  4. colinandray

    Ray’s recall is pretty good … but we do not exist if he is focused on a squirrel. I truly believe that if I threw a T-bone steak on the ground in front of him, he would leap over it and continue to chase the squirrel.

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