29 thoughts on “Love Your Earth

  1. colinandray

    I find it interesting that so many will acknowledge it is the only one we have, and yet the use/abuse/exploitation of it is ongoing. If their life was dependent on an ice flow, I wonder if they would continually build fires on it, or chip away at it to get ice for their drinks?
    Perhaps it is time for education systems to consider putting more emphasis on the environment so that students are leaving with a good grasp of our planet, and it’s shortcomings.?

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    1. scifihammy Post author

      School kids here have a great grounding in taking care of the environment, planting trees and recycling etc even going back many years when my own kids were at school. Actually I think we, the older generation, are the culprits and caused of most of the problems.


      1. colinandray

        Totally agree. Saw a documentary a few years ago about all the postwar nuclear waste being sealed up in steel drums and then dumped into the Atlantic Ocean off the US East coast. The big question was “Given that steel rusts, and those drums have been there for may years now, what will happen when that radioactive waste is released into the ocean?” Apparently they are still contemplating the answer. Scary stuff.

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