Uninvited Guests

Freesia Fly 1

Haiku 72

On close inspection

I see some guests have arrived

Who invited you?


Freesia Fly 2

My freesias are coming along nicely. There are some in full bloom while others are just starting out in green.

Freesia Aphid 1

It was only upon editing my photos that I found these uninvited guests!

Freesia Aphid 2

A fly on the yellow flower and a little family of aphids on the green flower.

Isn’t the teeny world fascinating?


15 thoughts on “Uninvited Guests

  1. A Curious Introvert

    Great photos of your teeny guests and flowers.šŸ™‚ Iā€™m always surprised when I discover things in my photos that I failed to see while taking the shot (especially when it happens on those occasions where I take many, many photos of the same thing).šŸ™‚

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