Hello Ducky

White Duck 1

We came across this lovely duck, resident at one of the many vineyards around here.

He’s white as snow; not that he’d know that, living in Cape Town where it never snows!

White Duck 2

Contentedly rooting around near our pathway, he seemed quite happy to have his photo taken.

White Duck 3

Besides this solitary brave soul, we spotted many other white ducks behind him in the undergrowth.

White Ducks 4

Even though there was a very large pond for them to swim in, they had all gathered in the vegetation under the trees.

How many can you count?


post script: ‘Ducky’ is a British form of address, meaning, ‘Dear’.Β 

I count 13 or 14 ducks.


30 thoughts on “Hello Ducky

      1. pgraysurvival

        Dunno about that. I’ve tried earthworms and probably eaten a few maggots before now but cockroaches may be a step too far for me.

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      2. pgraysurvival

        Yeuk indeed but if I was desperate I still remember my SERE training.

        As for SWMBO (bless her).
        She always said that what I put on the table would be eaten so I was pleasantly surprised as I brought various ‘field fare’ in from pest controlling days how she would just get on and cook it. We ate extremely well with just one condition. She didn’t want to know what it was, and I never said.

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  1. oldmainer

    I’m going with 13. As a kid, there was a mill pond downtown next to the old town hall, populated by a mixture of white ducks and mallards. We used to take a bag of stale bread and go feed them. It didn’t take long before the white ones came right up to you instead of waiting for you to throw it in the water. They had become quite tame.

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  2. pensitivity101

    Wonderful aren’t they. I counted 13. Reminds me of our Migrant Three on the marina.
    Although we have no pure white ones here, there are several that have predominant white bibs compared to the mallards we’re used to. We got mugged today by ducks, geese and gulls as I had some bread for them. I made sure the ducks got the lions share.

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    1. scifihammy Post author

      Thank you πŸ™‚
      Yes it looks like a band – tame ducks after all. πŸ˜€
      And there could be 13 – or 14 if you zoom in! But I realise the photo in my post is not of a great quality. Sorry! I was in the process of making a better quality copy when my laptop decided to play up and freeze – so I just posted it as was.


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