Take a Break

Seaside 3

Haiku 144

A leave of absence

I’ll only be posting here




Spring has Sprung here in Cape Town and I have many chores waiting. Also family is visiting soon, so I’ll be spending time with them.

All of which means that I’ll only be visiting Blogland now and then, for the next month or so.

To all my friends, particularly those in hospital or recovering, keep well and I’ll see you later.



33 thoughts on “Take a Break

  1. Murphy's Law

    Have a wonderful “break” filled with fun and laughter, family and friends, good health, and chores that miraculously seem to take care of themselves!!! And perfect weather!!

    I’ll miss your delightful blogs, but eagerly await you getting back on your regular schedule.
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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