Sunday Musings #194

One way to find out if you are old is to fall down in front of a lot of people. If they laugh you’re still young. If they panic and start running to you, you’re old.

– Unknown


I’m sure this would be a good indicator of your age!

However, I’m the one laughing every time I trip over nothing or bump into fixtures like a shop pillar – and then apologise to it!

At least I’m young at heart!


12 thoughts on “Sunday Musings #194

  1. pgraysurvival

    Mm. I ground to a halt one day when a young mother held open a door for me and said, “There you go pops”. Up till then I thought I was the same as everyone else.
    Now I’m feeling REALLY Ancient.

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  2. Murphy's Law

    Lol!! I laugh too, probably out of embarrassment….even when I’m alone. πŸ€— And I say, “Excuse me”….to no one!!! What a great quote Sci.

    Have a happy, trip-free Sunday!
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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  3. quiall

    Oh My Word! You do that too?!! I have been caught doing it, and for a few seconds no one knew whether to laugh for call for the people in long white coats!

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