Little Monkey

Haiku 175

Stretch out and relax

Bask in the warmth of the rays

Festive sunbathing



Many of my friends in the north may not have had a White Christmas, but I doubt you were sunbathing either!

Butterfly sunbathing

As you know, it is mid-summer here in Cape Town, at the other end of the world. So how do the locals spend the festive season?

Dragonfly sunbathing

Whether they are bird, insect or animal, you will find them stretched out and soaking up those glorious warm rays. (Though I do think the pigeon chose a rather odd place, just on the steps of our stoep!)

Pigeon sunbathing

But the past master of them all for basking in the summer heat was our very own Little Monkey.

Little Monkey Sunbathing

LM Sundog 2

Little Monkey Flat Out 1

Little Monkey stretching 1

What better way to relax?


14 thoughts on “Sunbathing

  1. Murphy's Law

    Your sunbathing photos are great! Of course, I love the ones of LM best, but most especially the one of LM stretched out!! Too cute.

    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    1. scifihammy Post author

      I do enjoy sitting outside and watching and listening to all the wildlife. 😀
      Yes – I am still looking for my old rescue dog . . . 🙂


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