Oi! You! Where’s me Nuts?

Sparky the Squirrel

Haiku 176

Sparky the squirrel

Demanding little fellow

Oi! You! Where’s me nuts?



This cheeky chops squirrel came right up to me while I was sitting in my garden under the trees. He got up on his hind legs the better to stare at me. He wanted his nuts!


20 thoughts on “Oi! You! Where’s me Nuts?

  1. Murphy's Law

    If this isn’t the cutest picture, I don’t know what is! Sparky is looking very perky! Look at that beautiful tail. Watch out Sci, he’ll be in your lap soon!!

    Remember Tv show Paladin……Have gun, will travel? Your slogan will be, Sit outside, have nuts! Lol.
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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