Raindrops On Freesias

Purple Freesia 1

Haiku 223

Tiny crystal balls

Microscopic universe

Raindrops on Freesias


Purple Freesia 2

I love finding great big fat raindrops on my plants.

Purple Freesia 3

Not just because it means that rain has fallen, but because it is so beautiful; nature enhanced.

Purple Freesia 4

Of course, with or without raindrops, I do like my purple freesias;

Purple Freesia 5

And their subtle, heavenly scent.


24 thoughts on “Raindrops On Freesias

    1. scifihammy Post author

      haha Sorry about the earworm – but my title was an intentional Sound of Music reference 😀
      I’ve used Raindrops on Roses, Petals, Freesias . . .

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  1. Murphy's Law

    As you say, with or without raindrops, these are such beautiful flowers. The raindrops add a bit of glitter!

    Great shots and perfect Haiku. Thanks for starting the week off on such a nice note

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