Next Generation

Baby White Eye 1

Haiku 228

Little fluffy balls

Peeping away constantly

Next generation


Baby White Eye 2

Baby Cape White Eye, Mum and Dad are worn to a frazzle feeding you; keeping up with your demands!

But you are so very cute.

Baby White Eye 3

A spherical blob of downy feathers; tail and wings half grown; your flight a flurry of frantic flapping that carries you to the nearest branch. Mum and Dad are ever vigilant; concerned for your welfare.

Three Baby Chicks 4

The baby White Eye joined up with a couple of baby Cape Sparrows, locally known as Mossies.

Three Baby Chicks 5

It’s a little chick creche. I guess safety in numbers!

Three Baby Chicks 6

Either way, it’s cuteness overload!


Unusually, it was an overcast grey morning with what little sunlight there was, shining from behind the birds. My Canon camera does not do well in low light, so some of these photos are grainy and blurry.


11 thoughts on “Next Generation

  1. paulsprepping

    Auto exposure probably.
    Same with ours.
    Got round it by using any sort of rest. That way the camera exposure does its thing but you keep your focus.

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    1. scifihammy Post author

      Just fledged, so the most vulnerable time for a few days, till they can fly properly. 🙂
      Actually they make so much noise tweeting for food that being hidden wouldn’t be much protection!! 😀


  2. Murphy's Law

    I beg to differ with you my friend. Your camera does just fine. These pictures are outstanding. The last one wins the blue ribbon though. Ummmm, I hope these three cuties aren’t telling us they support Trump… masks, no social distancing!! Lol.

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    1. scifihammy Post author

      Thank you so much 😀
      hehe Lucky little birds do not have to worry about catching Corona, so can cuddle up as they like. 😀


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