Red, Red Robin

Cape Robin 1

When the Red, Red Robin

Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin’


Cape Robin 2

I rarely see a Cape Robin in my garden, so when he does pop by I am honoured.

Cape Robin 3

This little chap flew down onto the lawn near the stoep, hopped onto a solar lamp and looked at me.

Cape Robin 4

There are four solar lamps in a row on my lawn. He started on the one farthest away, then he hopped onto the next lamp closer, and stared again, then onto the third lamp.

Cape Robin 5

Finally, he came as close as he dared, on the last solar lamp, had a good long hard look at me, sitting in the garden chair with my cuppa and camera.

Cape Robin 6

Curiosity assuaged, he flew off.

How lovely to see him though.

Cape Robin 7

The catchy song “When the Red, Red Robin” was written in 1926 by Harry Woods. Here’s Doris Day singing, When the Red, Red Robin Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin’ Along.  


23 thoughts on “Red, Red Robin

      1. paulsprepping

        Lovely proud looking little bird.

        There again I have always been a lover of the tiniest of birds.

        If asked which one is my absolute favorite? It’s got to be the humble house sparrow. Not for its chattering song but for its sheer doggedness when it comes to survival.

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      2. scifihammy Post author

        Even the humble house sparrows here are beautifully coloured. 😀
        I like all the birds that visit my garden – except the Guinea Fowl, because they scratch up and destroy in seconds, the lawn that we spend all year caring for!

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  1. Murphy's Law

    What a beauty he is! I love the last photo of Red Robin staring at you trying to figure out what kind of bird you are! Nothing makes me happier than to see that first Robin in the spring. I’m already looking forward to it!

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    1. scifihammy Post author

      They are curious birds, so even though shy, he still wanted to know who I was! 😀
      Aren’t you in the Northern hemisphere? So – a bit of a wait till spring! 😀


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