Orcas of the Sky

Pied Crows 1

Haiku 232

Orcas of the sky

Black and white killing machines

And noisy to boot!



No matter how bad a day you’re having, there’s always someone having a worse day.

I was in the kitchen boiling the kettle to make a cup of tea one afternoon, when I heard a lot of noise coming from outside.

Looking through the window I saw several Pied Crows flying around, cawing loudly. There were two, then three birds, flying from one tree to another nearby.

Pied Crow 2

They kept returning to the top of the large tree in my neighbour’s front garden. It looked like they were trying to perch there, but it was extremely windy with strong gusts, so they just kept hovering over the uppermost branches. They had to work hard to maintain their position, with wing and tail feathers splayed, as shown in the first photo.

Then I heard the most plaintive loud chirping coming from somewhere inside the foliage at the top of that tree.

I assumed these sharks of the sky were trying to kill a baby chick.

The peeping was pitiful. This prompted my thoughts above – No matter how bad a day you’re having, there’s always someone having a worse day.

I felt very sorry for whichever little bird was being harried incessantly.

Pied Crow 3

I could still hear the cawing and plaintive cheeping when sitting outside with my tea. So, I walked round the side of the house with my camera to see if I could find out what was going on.

I took a few shots of the large birds battling the strong wind currents. The photo above captures one crow flying with its beak open, cawing loudly!

The three crows kept coming back in turn to this one tree, where the peeping was coming from.

Finally, a big grey bird shot out of the tree, chirping loudly as it flew. The adults immediately followed it.

It was their own large youngster that they had been trying to encourage to move out of the top of the tree!

The family flew off together into the distance and the plaintive peeping stopped.

I was very happy to have been mistaken in thinking that they were trying to kill another bird’s chick.

They were simply protecting their own.


I am very lucky to have a garden with lots going on to entertain me (and provide Blog content) during our endless Lockdown. Otherwise by now I would have had to resort to showing you my collection of teaspoons!



24 thoughts on “Orcas of the Sky

  1. A Curious Introvert

    Great captures and I was relieved to read the happy ending of the family flying away together! I have full faith that you would have a wonderful Haiku for your teaspoons and as I’ve been looking around my house for photo ideas, I’m now adding teaspoons to the list!

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  2. oldmainer

    We have frequent avian issues between crows and their quest to drive a hawk or owl out of the neighborhood. Once discovered, the crows gather in quantity, swooping at the interloper until it either gets intimidated or bored and leaves.

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  3. Murphy's Law

    Awww, I’m so happy this had a happy ending. Life can be so harsh sometimes, even for our feathered friends. Amazing resilience on the part of the adults to encourage the youngster to fly with them, all the time fighting that wind. This is truly a “feel good” post Sci. Thanks!

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    1. scifihammy Post author

      To be honest – if this had not had a happy ending I wouldn’t have blogged about it! 😀
      There are soooo many fledglings of all the bird species in my garden at the moment. My heart is in my mouth several times a day! 😀 😀

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  4. pensitivity101

    Reminds me of Kamakazi Pete, a tiny blue tit chick that had fledged but wasn’t strong enough to follow the siblings and parents, We had Barney then, and he came in to fetch us. He stood way back on the path and pointed with his nose at the feathered baby trembling by the fence, a sitting duck for predators such as magpies and jays. Hubby got a tea towel to pick it up and put it back in the nest box on our fence. We hoped the parents wouldn’t abandon it. Next thing we knew was one very nervous chick was perched on the next box hole as two adults chided/encouraged/twittered at it to fly. They were getting quite agitated, then Pete suddenly took a leap of faith and joined them on the shed roof.

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