Hydrangea 1

Haiku 236

When undecided

Pink or blue, which should I choose?

Try a blend of both!


Hydrangea 2

My ancient hydrangea, though small, continues to produce these beautiful flowers year after year.

Sometimes the whole plant is blue, sometimes a mixture of blue and pink. This year it is about as pink as it ever gets.


27 thoughts on “Undecided

  1. Garfield Hug

    This flower is so beautiful. I remember when I lived in Oregon, I would pick one and put it in a glass bowl as centrepiece of my dining table. In a tiny apartment, it really brightened my hall. Your stoic plant is doing well to give you so many pretty blooms. Gorgeous!

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  2. ladysighs

    I hate making decisions.
    Red wine or white
    Scotch or bourbon
    Gin or tonic ……. ( nobody has trouble making that decision)
    Getting dressed or staying in pajamas all day

    Never a decision to give you a like or not! 😉

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  3. long4h2o

    I find it fascinating that your hydrangea can change color like that. I’m sure there’s scientific reasons why it does but “moody” is a more fun explanation. 🙂

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    1. scifihammy Post author

      People say it’s the pH of the soil, but that doesn’t explain to me why I get both colours on one the plant. ‘Moody’ is better! 😀


  4. oldmainer

    I have always liked hydrangeas, but didn’t know you would get changing colors from one bush. Have always been under the impression that the color is determined by the acidity of your soil, but you say yours has been in the same place forever. But whatever, they are beautiful.


  5. Murphy's Law

    Either/or. Both are beautiful. And the ants don’t care which color they are. I believe you can determine the color your blossoms will be by regulating the ph(?) in the soil.

    Hooray for your determined little hydrangea plant who’s not afraid to be herself!

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    1. scifihammy Post author

      I just love the colours – blue or pink. No idea why I get both on the one bush, tho like you say it could be pH related. 😀


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