Going Nuts Over Monkey Nuts!

Sparky and the Monkey Nut 1

Haiku 239

The nutty squirrel

Executes a smash and grab

Desperate measures


Several different squirrels come by my garden to eat the seeds I put out. Most of them know to hop right up onto the upturned green container.

Clearly this youngster hadn’t got the memo!

I watched in amazement from my seat nearby under the shade of the tree.

Sparky 2

Obviously little Sparky could smell the food, but he wasn’t sure how to get to it. Even the pigeon in the bottom left hand corner of the photo wondered what was wrong with Sparky!

The plan Sparky came up with?

Climb into the mini hedge next to the food. Scramble up inside the tangled branches. Pop out at the top end. Stretch!

Success! Grab the monkey nut. Stuff it in your mouth. Exit the scene. This proved a little harder than entering as Sparky had to push himself back up into the hedge, against gravity!

This is the action shot I got above!

Once he’d procured the monkey nut, Sparky rushed away to bury it.

When he came back for more food, he had a brainwave – and hopped up onto the container like all his mates. No problem!

Sparky 3

However, after the year we’ve just had, and the pandemic still in full swing, maybe this is what we all need. A new way of looking at things!

Either that, or embracing the crazy!


post script: I had a mini panic attack this morning when I tried to Log in to my WP account as usual, but kept getting sent back to the Log in screen. I had already deleted my cache and cookies; something I do regularly; so Googled other options. I tried the regular window instead of using private mode; I typed in a different search address, going back to basics. Still no luck at all.

Finally, I thought to try using Firefox instead of Google Chrome.


I’m feeling pretty chuffed that I managed to sort it out myself, but I am sure this is merely a presage of things to come.

WhatsApp, that I use regularly to keep in touch with family overseas, is forcing you to accept all of Facebook’s conditions, including their having access to – and the right to use – all of your chats and photos, contacts, phone numbers etc I am not on fb and never have been. Now I have till 8th February to decide whether I am willing to give fb the rights to my whole life.

The craziness just continues!


22 thoughts on “Going Nuts Over Monkey Nuts!

  1. pensitivity101

    All the best for the new year Sci. Sparky Jnr got the idea eventually, bless him. Know what you mean about browsers. We found Opera OK but then restrictive to the extent that I couldn’t view some things in WP, so went back to Firefox.

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  2. long4h2o

    Like young Sparky, I don’t much like the new normal and refuse to accept it. I haven’t been on fb in years. I suppose I should just delete the account. wp is all the social media i need.

    Glad to see you post, and happy new year.

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    1. scifihammy Post author

      Thank you – Sparky was fun to watch. 🙂
      Yes, I leave social media to the youngsters.
      Happy New Year to you too. I hope 2021 has begun well for you 🙂


  3. oldmainer

    I use and have used Firefox as my browser for a long time. Used to love Google as a search engine, but they have become so invasive. I avoid them any time there is an alternative. As to the squirrel, desperate times require desperate measures. It has been my experience with squirrels and bird feeders that if there is a way, they will find it, easy or not. P.S. Had to look it up, but I now know what a monkey nut is.

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    1. scifihammy Post author

      Yes, we all have our preferred search engine. As long as something works. 🙂
      Squirrels are very creative and acrobatic in their search for food. 😀
      Ah – Sorry, I’ve only ever called them monkey nuts – didn’t think it wasn’t common usage. 😀


  4. Murphy's Law

    Good for Sparky!! Where there’s a will, there’s a way! Love your Haiku.

    Even though 2020 is over, apparently it’s not dead yet and has no intention of dying soon. We just need to hang on tighter until our world rights itself. I am ever hopeful for a brighter future.

    Happy New Year Sci. Please keep your wonderful photos coming. I so look forward to them.

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    1. scifihammy Post author

      Thank you very much 😀
      Yep, Sparky is great fun to watch.
      We are now in the middle of a massive 2nd wave, with worse numbers than before. But as you say, it has to end some time.
      And Thank you for your kind words – I love to read your encouraging and supportive comments. 😀
      Keep Safe. 🙂


    1. scifihammy Post author

      You’d be surprised what these big companies have access to on your device. But I guess if I were younger I wouldn’t care! 😀

      Happy New Year to you too. I hope 2021 has begun well for you. 🙂

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  5. paulsprepping

    We read the terms and conditions of FB and after a few “You’ve got to be kidding!” we jointly decided to keep control of our lives by NOT using social media (outside of WP) EVER!

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