The Lonely Cloud

The Lonely Cloud

Haiku 248

How unusual

A cloudy day in Cape Town

Sunny tomorrow!


This is what passes for a cloudy day in Cape Town!

Although this photo is from a few months ago, during my blogging absence, it still remains the norm. Unless it is actually going to rain, the sky is clear most days.

It was very odd to see this tiny wisp of a cloud, alone in a bright blue sky.

And you will all know the famous line, from William Wordsworth’s poem;

I wandered lonely as a cloud . . .

Well, I never knew a cloud could be lonely, till I saw this one!


17 thoughts on “The Lonely Cloud

  1. Murphy's Law

    I don’t think I would ever grow tired of looking at that gorgeous blue sky, and having the sole wisp of a cloud is a bonus. Although that little cloud does look lonely! You should frame this one Sci!

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