The Phoenix

The Phoenix 1

Haiku 249

Mythical fire bird

Wings aflame as you fly off

Mystery intact


I heard a bird singing somewhere in the bare branches of my neighbour’s winter tree. It took me a while to spot him, but I couldn’t make out his species.

Suddenly he took off, with a flash of his wings.

The Phoenix 2

It was a Phoenix! The mythical fire bird.

AndΒ in a blinding light, he vanished!

How fortunate was I, to witness this extremely rare bird, from my back garden!


post script: I think from his size and song, he was a Red-winged starling. It explains why his red wing feathers lit up as he flew away, with the sunlight shining through them from the behind.



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  1. Murphy's Law

    Hahahah!! I’m going with the Phoenix! Or the starling could have been having a wonderful fantasy that he was really a Phoenix and you bought it!! Great picture.

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