Haiku 257

Blooms cascading down

Like a tumbling waterfall

Camellia bush


My camellia bush is in full bloom.

Year after year it increases in size and “bloomage”; having started out as a mere tiny stick thing, a few decades ago.

This year it has excelled itself.


18 thoughts on “Cascade!

  1. long4h2o

    Ah to live in a place for a mere decades. As I write this I’m reminded that we’re on our fourth decade in our home. How time flies when you’re getting old. 🙂

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  2. ladysighs

    We know flowers won’t last forever. We love the first blush of a blooming bud and delight in the fullness of the petals. Then comes the last days of the flower as the flowers begin to droop and the petals begin to drop. We may/might say, “That’s the end of that.”
    But your poem of cascading flowers and petals reminds me/us that every stage of the plant can be lovely. 🙂

    PS I’m in that droop and drop stage. At least one person tells me I’m lovely every day. 🙂

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  3. Murphy's Law

    Your camellia bush is stunning…..a waterfall of beautiful blossoms! Shows what some TLC can do. We should try that approach more often with our fellow humans.

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    1. scifihammy Post author

      Thank you so much 😀
      It did take 20 years before Miss Camellia decided to Take Off! 😀
      And yes – a little compassion towards our fellow human beings can go a long way! 🙂


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