Golden Avalanche

Oak Leaves 1

Haiku 259

Carpeting in Gold

Shedding bounteous Nature

In gay abandon!


Oak Leaves 2

I do love the golden oak leaves as they catch the winter sun; while they are still on the branches!

However, just as I was congratulating myself that my oak tree was finally running out of leaves to fling down to the ground for me to rake up every week –

Oak Leaves 3

The massive syringa tree decided to shed most of its heavy foliage all in one go after heavy storms.

I can fill a big wheelie bin in half an hour of raking.

Oh well, I guess the exercise is good for me!



16 thoughts on “Golden Avalanche

  1. Murphy’s Law

    Here’s a thought……beautiful oak leaves or heavy wet snow? I would pick oak leaves or syringa leaves every time!

    What a fantastic blue sky!

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    1. scifihammy Post author

      Ah – we always want what we don’t have! 😀
      But yes, I do like the mild winters here – and those never-ending blue skies! 😀


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