White Freesia

Haiku 261

Pristine white petals

And beautifully scented

Nature’s perfection


A few months ago, I planted 30 brand new freesia bulbs in my brightly painted plant pots on my stoep. I also have about a dozen old bulbs that I replanted.

I waited with bated breath, as you can imagine, watching carefully as my new freesias popped up little shoots, and then larger leaves, until finally buds appeared.

The colour of the very first freesia?


Totally in keeping with my colourless rainbow from last post, giving up the ghost.

Regardless, it is stunningly beautiful;

And the scent is divine!



19 thoughts on “Pristine

  1. quiall

    Such beauty in the bloom of a flower but if you look closely, the white is not simply no colour it is awash with texture and varying shades. It is stunning.

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  2. Murphy’s Law

    Pristine is the perfect description for these beauties! We love our blossoms to have vibrant colors, but a snow white blossom can knock your socks off (or flip flops) with its beauty.

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