Dandelion Rainbow 1

Haiku 270

I found a rainbow

In the most unlikely place

A hidden treasure


Dandelion Rainbow 2

The magnificent Dandelion, shining in full bloom.

She doesn’t know she is a weed!


16 thoughts on “Rainbow

  1. Murphy’s Law

    Awesome capture! Sci, you manage to take some of the best pictures…..simple, understated, but they speak volumes. Great Haiku. I have always been in awe of a dandelion when it reaches this stage of its life and stands proudly with its silky white filaments shining. I think some of the most beautiful plants are weeds!

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  2. ladysighs

    Two take a-ways:
    We shouldn’t underestimate others.
    A bright spot doesn’t have to be big and showy. Little rainbows in your life can be just as meaningful.

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