Arum Lily

Haiku 273

Black and white study

A time of simplicity

Pure Arum Lily


In these stressful times, take a moment to appreciate Nature.

Just breathe.



19 thoughts on “White-Out

  1. ladysighs

    Reminds me of watching an old black and white movie. Lets one concentrate on the message of the film. Colors can be a distraction.
    Too much going on in life can be distressing. I know I have some dried up bottles of white-out in a drawer that I used to use with a typewriter. Very useful they were.

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  2. Murphy’s Law

    Beautiful lily. Great Haiku. I like that you chose to showcase this beauty in black and white. What a pleasant surprise greeting me this morning. This photo says β€œserenity” on a typical haywire Monday morning. It’s the perfect calmer downer. Thanks!

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