Haiku 274

A touch of purple

In variegated leaves

The periwinkle



Appropriated* from next door, these periwinkle keep on spreading, both in size and delight.

All the more enjoyable, because they didn’t cost me a penny!


*The plants grew from my neighbour’s side, under the creeping vines that were removed when the wall was put up. I can’t help it if some of them preferred my side!



15 thoughts on “Periwinkle

  1. ladysighs

    I read the link to your previous encounter with the wandering periwinkles.
    I like your garden topic. The flowers are real – authentic. Better than the plastic ones in a vase on my shelf.


  2. Murphy’s Law

    Share and share alike. Apparently the grass IS greener on the other side and those Periwinkle took advantage of the situation. No harm, no foul. And on your side of the fence, we get to enjoy their beauty too!

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    1. scifihammy Post author

      hehe Exactly! 😀
      And they provided me with a Blog post. It’s beginning to get a little tricky finding a topic – there is only so much of my garden I can keep going on about! 😀
      But don’t worry – I am moving on to the weeds next! 😀 😀


      1. Murphy’s Law

        Weeds sound good to me! Seeing your weeds would be more interesting than just looking at mine. Lol! I give all you bloggers a lot of credit for the creative posts you keep coming up with. I know it’s not easy trying to share fresh ideas when your life is limited to your home and doctors office. But remember, we’re in the same boat, so anything you post is fresh and new and interesting to us,

        Let’s see, you could tell us what is was like to contemplate your navel. Or how you sort your socks. Maybe a video of you washing the windows on the house. See! So many exciting things for you to share! 🤪

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      2. scifihammy Post author

        hahaha 😀
        Actually, I Have been washing windows – Spring cleaning and all that! But it isn’t very interesting to write about.
        I’m still planning a Spoon post some time though! 😀


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