Haiku 277

A bright flash of skirts

 Differing shades of yellow




I’m not sure how I remembered the phrase “Daffy-down-dilly” – (it must have been hiding in the depths of my childhood memories for more decades than I care to think about) – but once recalled, it was perfect, at five syllables, for a line in my haiku!


post script: Daffy-down-dilly was first mentioned in a novel by Nathaniel Hawthorne in 1843.

The poem which I remember, is as follows:


Has come to town

With a yellow petticoat

And a pretty green gown



16 thoughts on “Daffodil

      1. scifihammy Post author

        Aw Thank you so much 😀
        Yes, it is a truly lovely time of year here in CT.
        Alas, I do have allergies, but am surviving! 😀


  1. Murphy’s Law

    Daffy-down-dilly. Never heard that expression before, but I love it! Love today’s Haiku. Daffodils are such pretty little flowers. One of my favorites. We won’t be seeing any around here for some time to come, so enjoy yours for yourself and for me too please.

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