Mr Mole

Cape Golden Mole 1

Haiku 279

From small to smaller

They only want to survive

All life is precious


We’d just had another of our Cape Storms, with strong winds and rain. My pool was full of leaves blown off the trees. I went round with the pool net, skimming as many of the leaves off the surface as I could.

I spotted a butterfly lying flat on the surface, wings outstretched. I thought to myself, “Well he’s gone,” but scooped him up anyway.

Cape Golden Mole 2

Then I noticed a large dark leaf, that seemed to be moving. I realised it was a mole!

The poor thing must have fallen in last night. It was exhausted, cold and barely alive, but still bravely trying to swim and survive.

I quickly scooped him up in the net also and laid it on the lawn. I made sure he was at the top so he could breathe, and went to fetch my camera.

Cape Golden Mole and Butterfly 3

When I came back, I was amazed to see that the butterfly had crawled out of the leaf mess and was wafting its wings, trying to dry off, while perching on the edge of the net.

The mole wasn’t moving at all. Poor little thing. I must have been just too late.

Still, I had an idea! Finding a small twig I pressed it gently under the mole’s forearm – and gave him CPR!

I didn’t want to actually touch him in case he sprang to life and bit me!

Cape Golden Mole and Butterfly 4

The mole was still motionless, but I don’t give up easily. I carried the net full of leaves, mole and butterfly over to a sheltered spot in my garden and emptied it out under the fir tree.

Then I tried to get the butterfly off the net. I placed the net next to the brick wall by the pool pump, and encouraged the butterfly to go onto it, but it was having none of that and turned away back to the netting. How did it even see?

So I held the net right up against a branch of the olive tree – and the butterfly stepped on to it. When I checked a short while later, he’d flown off.

Cape Golden Mole 5

Back to Mr Mole. I watched him quietly for a while, then noticed he was moving very slightly. He was still alive! Amazing!

I don’t know if you can see from the photos, but he had the most beautiful iridescent fur, with shiny colours of gold, green and violet. I think he was a Cape Golden Mole, occurring only in Sub-Saharan Africa.

I thought the best thing I could do for him, was to cover him with a few leaves, for camouflage and warmth, and just leave him be.

When I checked on him later, he’d also gone home.


Waking up on Saturday morning, I never dreamed that a few hours later I would be giving CPR to a mole! It just goes to show; you never know what each day will bring.



19 thoughts on “Mr Mole

  1. A Curious Introvert

    What a wonderful story and you should have your own nature show after giving CPR to Mr. Mole!!πŸ™‚ Amazing they survived the storm and pool and so lucky they had you to the rescue!!πŸ™‚


  2. 247paulgray

    As a mole catcher I could have been scathing BUT, no animal deserves to die by drowning (except rats).

    So I award you a gold star! For rescue and for your cpr technique!

    It reminded me of passing through a lock gate to find a beautiful fallow deer drowned behind the gate. Thing is 100’s of boats must have passed through but no one had removed the beautiful creature from the lock.

    It took us all of five minutes to lift it out.
    There was no hope though as it was in full rigor mortis.

    Upset us both but is not unknown to happen.

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  3. oldmainer

    I love this story. How many people would have given their time and attention to a mole and a butterfly. Sometimes compassion knows no bounds. Bravo. Two gold stars.

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  4. Murphy’s Law

    This is the nicest thing I’ve read in a long time! You did CPR on a mole! How cool is that? That little guy must’ve struggled for a long time in the pool, he deserved to have a chance to live. Maybe the butterfly gave him hope. Maybe that’s why the butterfly clung to the net for a while longer..,,to see the mole come around.

    In your first picture of Mr. Mole I noticed his beautiful fur. For some reason I assumed moles were hairless….so lesson learned.

    Amongst your other talents Sci, you are now officially a Mole Whisperer!

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