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All That Glitters

Raindrops 1

Haiku 110

Nature’s reminder

All that glitters is not gold

Sometimes it’s better!


Raindrops 2

We had a little rain recently. My plants rejoiced.

Raindrops 3

Cape Town still has harsh water restrictions, even though the dams are 46% full, which is a huge improvement on last year’s 20%.

However, it has hardly rained so far this year. This is our rainy season and will be over in a few more months.

Raindrops 4

Let’s hope we get some good downpours of this precious substance, which in the photo above looks like quicksilver.



The Colour of the Season

Blue Plumbago

I took a walk round my garden the other day, taking photos of my plants with my Nikon camera.

Red Honeysuckle

With all the colourful flowers in bloom, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was Spring here in Cape Town.

Gold Honeysuckle

It certainly looks like spring, doesn’t it?

Mauve Bougainvillea

And while there is a chill to the air at night or early in the morning, mostly the sun still shines during the day and the weather is pleasant.

Lemon Frangipani

The roses are still blooming, as is pretty much everything else.

Pink Rose

Apart from a few indications, such as the golden vine leaves:

Golden Vines

The only real way to tell the season – is to look at the date on the calendar!

The start of May; therefore it must be Autumn.


Sea Mountains

Sea Mountains, Kommetjie Beach


Haiku 107

Nature’s own artwork

Strata of sand, sea, rock, sky

Calm after the storm



It had just rained that morning, clearing the air.

Once the clouds started to dissipate, the sun peeped out and the day brightened up. There wasn’t much wind either.

A perfect day for a walk on the beach with a mountain view.


This is Kommetjie Beach, Cape Town. 


We Interrupt This Service!

Angel Chimes

We have Stage Four load shedding here in SA at the moment.

The means power cuts of 2 1/2 hours, 3 times, in a 24 hour period.

Everything is run on electricity. Our ovens are electric; no power, no hot food and no cuppa. Yes, I boil water beforehand and keep it in a thermos, but it just doesn’t make a very nice cuppa.

The evenings are the worst. Last night’s cut (and the next 3 night’s) was from 20.00 to 22.30. It gets dark around 19.00. Basically you just sit around in the candle light for a while and then go to bed.

Today was even worse, as they are laying new electricity cables in our area (unrelated to the load shedding) so the power was off from 10.00 to just now, 15.30.

Why no electricity you ask?

Hmmm. This is a non-political blog. I’m sure you can figure it out.

I’m sorry, but I will not be able to visit your blog or comment as much as usual. No power: no wifi; which is perhaps the saddest of all!


Fly By!

Planes 1

We have been hearing heavy planes fly low over our area for the past week. These are not the usual planes we might hear, such as the night time international 747 flights that pass by high in the sky with only a distant rumble.

Planes 2

No, these were heavy helicopters and the old propeller type planes. And no matter how often I dashed outside to try to catch a glimpse, I couldn’t see a thing.

Finally I got a few shots of the propeller planes as they flew past several times.

There was one large plane, I presume an aircraft carrier, flanked by two smaller planes. A blast from the past.

Planes 3

Of course, there was no way I was going to catch a glimpse of the jets that also shot by occasionally. So loud, so fast and so low. That heavy thunder shook the very marrow of my bones and made me jump out of my skin every time!


The SANDF Armed Forces Day celebrations were held from 16 to 21 February, commemorating the sinking of the SS Mendi on 21 February 1917.


post script: I believe the helicopters were Rooivalk and Super Lynx, and the jets were Hawk and Gripen.

If anyone knows what the propeller planes are, you are welcome to enlighten me in the comments. 


A Breath of Fresh Air

Seaside 1

Haiku 97

Sitting on the beach

Strong breeze blows your cares away

Just sea, sand and sky


Seaside 2

Distant mountains.

Seaside 3

I’ll be very impressed if anyone spotted the cormorant in the photo above, taking off from the sea where it had been fishing.

Seaside 4 – Cormorant

Where was it?

Seaside 5 – Cormorant

I have left a lot of sky in the photos, so you can enjoy the deep blue; and sand, so you can imagine walking along the beach.