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Sunlight Through Vines 1

Haiku 169

School’s just broken up

Christmas Summer Holidays

Time to hibernate



The schools here in South Africa have just broken up for their long summer vacation. Holiday makers will descend upon Cape Town in their droves. Even popping to the local shops for bread and milk will become a mission. I stay home as much as possible and only venture out when absolutely necessary. Trips to the beach, forests or mountains, will all have to wait till everyone has gone away again.

Time to hibernate – till mid-January!


For a lovely haiku on hibernation, why not check out this post by Lethargic 


Blue Horizons

Muizenberg beach 1

Haiku 152

Distant mountain peaks

Ocean and sky reflecting

Those blue horizons


Muizenberg beach 2

Take a walk with me along the coast at Muizenberg, Cape Town.

On a windy day white horses were playing in the ocean, along with surfers enjoying the waves.

Muizenberg beach 3

What at first I thought were normal kites, on closer inspection turned out to be some sort of wind device used by the surfers. They were kitesurfing!

Muizenberg beach 4

And the sea and the sky were Oh So Blue.



Pool Full to Brim – Leaf

Haiku 136

Tiny yellow leaf

Floating in my swimming pool

What significance?



OK, so what’s so special about this apple tree leaf?

Nothing in the leaf alone; except for its natural beauty of course!

It’s where it is rather than what it is!

This is my pool. It is absolutely full to the brim!

Dog Bowls Full to Brim

Finally, after a dry start, our rainy season is living up to its name. The pool has filled up many times in the last few weeks; as have all the dog’s water bowls.



post script: Dam levels are currently at 75% having suddenly increased by 11%  in the last 10 days! Two years ago, after our summer of 2017, dam levels had fallen to only 20%.


A View With Room!

Vineyard Open Spaces 1

Haiku 125

A room with a view?

Open to the horizon

Views with lots of room!


Vineyard Open Spaces 2

These photos are from a local wine estate on a winter’s morning this week in Cape Town.

Vineyard Open Spaces 3

You can see that the vines are taking a little rest before resuming their task of producing tons of delicious grapes to make excellent South African wines.

Vineyard Open Spaces 4

Yes, Cape Town is the most beautiful place in the world!


post script: A Room with a View is a novel written in 1908 by E. M. Forster.


Winter Solstice 2019

Winter Solstice

Today, Friday 21st June 2019, is the winter solstice here in Cape Town; the shortest day and the longest night of the year.

We finally had some good rains (it rained twice in May and, counting today, twice in June; our rainy season!) and the temperature dropped. It has been 10 C in my lounge and has dropped to 6 C just before dawn. I don’t have a heater, (just as I don’t have an air conditioner) so we just wear extra clothes.

I realise that this will not seem cold to my Northern friends. Then again, when they complain of a heatwave at 25 C, I understand. It is the difference in temperature that affects you. If you are used to 15 C and suddenly it is 25 C, you will feel too hot. Likewise, if you are used to 25 C and suddenly it is 6 C, you will freeze!

Also, every morning, I open all the doors and windows. This may seem crazy, but once the sun has risen, and I can stop seeing my breath when standing on the stoep, it is warmer outside than in. Certainly during the day, the sun will warm up the air and hopefully some will penetrate into my cold house.

I have to keep quiet about how happy I am, because everyone else is moaning about how cold it is! At least, with the drought, they don’t moan about the rain anymore!

But I love it!


All That Glitters

Raindrops 1

Haiku 110

Nature’s reminder

All that glitters is not gold

Sometimes it’s better!


Raindrops 2

We had a little rain recently. My plants rejoiced.

Raindrops 3

Cape Town still has harsh water restrictions, even though the dams are 46% full, which is a huge improvement on last year’s 20%.

However, it has hardly rained so far this year. This is our rainy season and will be over in a few more months.

Raindrops 4

Let’s hope we get some good downpours of this precious substance, which in the photo above looks like quicksilver.


The Colour of the Season

Blue Plumbago

I took a walk round my garden the other day, taking photos of my plants with my Nikon camera.

Red Honeysuckle

With all the colourful flowers in bloom, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was Spring here in Cape Town.

Gold Honeysuckle

It certainly looks like spring, doesn’t it?

Mauve Bougainvillea

And while there is a chill to the air at night or early in the morning, mostly the sun still shines during the day and the weather is pleasant.

Lemon Frangipani

The roses are still blooming, as is pretty much everything else.

Pink Rose

Apart from a few indications, such as the golden vine leaves:

Golden Vines

The only real way to tell the season – is to look at the date on the calendar!

The start of May; therefore it must be Autumn.


Sea Mountains

Sea Mountains, Kommetjie Beach


Haiku 107

Nature’s own artwork

Strata of sand, sea, rock, sky

Calm after the storm



It had just rained that morning, clearing the air.

Once the clouds started to dissipate, the sun peeped out and the day brightened up. There wasn’t much wind either.

A perfect day for a walk on the beach with a mountain view.


This is Kommetjie Beach, Cape Town. 


We Interrupt This Service!

Angel Chimes

We have Stage Four load shedding here in SA at the moment.

The means power cuts of 2 1/2 hours, 3 times, in a 24 hour period.

Everything is run on electricity. Our ovens are electric; no power, no hot food and no cuppa. Yes, I boil water beforehand and keep it in a thermos, but it just doesn’t make a very nice cuppa.

The evenings are the worst. Last night’s cut (and the next 3 night’s) was from 20.00 to 22.30. It gets dark around 19.00. Basically you just sit around in the candle light for a while and then go to bed.

Today was even worse, as they are laying new electricity cables in our area (unrelated to the load shedding) so the power was off from 10.00 to just now, 15.30.

Why no electricity you ask?

Hmmm. This is a non-political blog. I’m sure you can figure it out.

I’m sorry, but I will not be able to visit your blog or comment as much as usual. No power: no wifi; which is perhaps the saddest of all!