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Rainbow Flowers

Hydrangea 1

Haiku 90

Mystic hydrangea

All colours of the rainbow

Magically appear


Hydrangea 2

My ancient hydrangea still produces these large beautifully coloured blooms, year after year, even though half the plant seems to have died recently.

Hydrangea 3

The colours of the petals range from yellow green, through pink and lilac to blue and purple; all at the same time.

Hydrangea 5

The plant was already here when we bought the house, but the poor thing doesn’t get enough sun, so it never grew much.

I’ve seen others in the neighbourhood that grow half way up their house walls and dwarf my little plant.

Hydrangea 6

However, mine lives just outside my front door and every time I pass by I stop.

Hydrangea 7

I look at the lovely rainbow petals.

And I smile.

Hydrangea 4




Grape Vine 1

Haiku 89

Seemingly dead plants

Emerging now with new life

Stirrings of Summer


Grape Vine 2

While those of you in the North are experiencing winter, with bare branches on most trees, down here in Cape Town, these brand new grape vine leaves are emerging from their stark branches.


post script: I started this post two months ago, but somehow never got round to processing the photos. And even though our grape vines are slower to develop than those in actual vineyards, by now they are covered in lots of leafy green foliage. There are even teeny grapelets on the vines. Summer arrives very quickly here.

Also, this is my 1111th post. Cool number!


Daisy, Daisy

Daisy 1

I was very happy to notice a few tiny daisies pop up underneath my washing line recently.

Daisy 2 and LM

Little Monkey models them for me, as they are so small.

Then she said, “Call that a daisy?”

Daisy 3

Now that’s a daisy!

We found these Shasta daisies on a property in my neighbourhood.

Daisy 4

They are a little past their sell by date to be sure, but we don’t always walk that way and I don’t normally carry my camera.

But I think you can still see their majesty.


Mother Nature Weeps

Rose 1

Haiku 88

Softly falls the rain

Capture every single drop

Mother Nature weeps


Rose 2

Here in Cape Town we are in our dry season, which lasts about five months. So any rain is especially welcome at this time of year, even if it is only one millimetre!

Rose 3

My roses are grateful. As am I!


A Rose For You

Red Red Rose

Haiku 85

Heavenly perfume

One of Nature’s miracles

The scent of a rose


This rose is from my garden. I only have three rose bushes; one large plant that produces an abundance of pink roses, with little scent, and two small ones that produce only a few red blooms, but with a magnificent scent.

I wish I could somehow transmit this beautiful aroma across the ether!

This red rose is for all my Northern friends; especially Pam at Butterflysand, who loves roses.

May it brighten your day as you approach winter.