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A Study in Orange

Orange Daisies 1

Haiku 150

Glorious daisies

Bright sunlight fallen to Earth

Radiating Gold


Orange Daisies 2

Walking around Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens in Cape Town, there are many wonderful sights to see:

Distant mountaintops, unusual and indigenous flora, works of art, a cool stream running through a shady dell;

Orange Daisies 3

And turning a corner in the path, these iridescent, brightly coloured daisies.

I love Nature!


post script: I’m not entirely sure, but I think these flowers are what we locals call Cape Daisies, Osteospermum.



First Blossom

Apple Blossom 1

Haiku 148

Palest pink blossom

Radiant morning sunshine



Apple Tree 2

I just noticed the first apple blossoms on my seemingly dead tree.


Furry Green Balls

Loquat 1

Haiku 143

Small furry green balls

Sprouting like an alien

Weird and wonderful


Loquat 2

The funny looking loquat, Eriobotrya japonica, starts to blossom in April, just before our winter sets in.

Loquat 3

My poor old tree is very old and has lost quite a few branches, yet still soldiers on.

Loquat 4

Always the first to start growing, long before spring, the white flowers soon turn to tiny brown lumps and then to furry green balls.

Loquat 5

Sparky the squirrel loves this fruit, when it is ripe and peach-coloured. He has a few weeks to wait yet.

Loquat 6

I will see him most mornings running his little route across the tops of fences and along branches.

Loquat 7

Selecting his chosen loquat, he then returns carrying it in his mouth and sits in a suitable spot to eat it.



Sunbird on my Finger

Sunbird 1

Haiku 142

Sit on my finger

As light as any feather

Tiny green wild thing


I walked into my lounge the other day and heard a fluttering sound coming from the window. On investigating I found a tiny trapped male Lesser Double-Collared Sunbird, desperately trying to get out of the closed window.

Sunbird 1

There was no time to take any good photos, as he was clearly distressed and I was worried he would harm himself.

Just approaching him to try to open the window freaked him out even more and the frantic flapping of wings increased.

Sunbird 2

Very slowly I reached past him and opened the window as much as it would open; which was not a lot. This window is never opened and was very hard to move.

I thought he would simply fly away, but he was too confused and still kept bashing against the window pane.

I tried to guide him gently towards the open part, but he panicked even more.

Sunbird 3

Finally, I cupped my hands around him very carefully and edged him towards the opening. He stopped struggling immediately and was perfectly calm in my hands.

I opened my hands to let him fly away, but he hopped onto my finger instead and sat there quite happily.

This was a wild bird! I felt blessed by his trust.

In the end I put my whole hand out of the window, with the tiny Sunbird still perched on my finger.

Sunbird 4

Finally he realised he was free to go and flew straight up into the Poinsettia tree. He sat there for a few minutes to get his bearings and recover from his ordeal. Then he flew off to be about his business.

This is the second time we’ve had a Sunbird in the house. The previous time I also had to scoop the poor bird up in my hands and take him outside and place him on the honeysuckle bush. (This is the first photo)


Since these tiny birds are so cute, here are a few fun clips of humming birds, snoring and drinking sugar water.


Idyllic Winter Scene

Winter Tree Skyline 1

Haiku 137

An idyllic scene

Wispy white clouds and blue sky

The bleak mid-winter?


Winter Tree Skyline 2

This was early one morning, just as the sun was rising!

Winter Tree Skyline 3

I’m sure you all know by now that winter in the Western Cape is my favourite time of year. Cooler temperatures, rain, sun, beautiful nature; what’s not to like?