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Lady Sunbird

Female Lesser Double-Collared Sunbird 1

Lately we have had many visits from the lovely Lesser Double-Collared Sunbirds, since planting more honeysuckle around the garden.

The other day my husband told me there was a sunbird on the plants on the stoep. I grabbed my trusty Canon and took a few shots before it flew off.

Female Lesser Double-Collared Sunbird 2

I apologise for the poor quality of the photos. It was very much a point and click exercise in the hope I caught something; as you can see from the last photo below.

Yes, the little bird is in there!

Female Lesser Double-Collared Sunbird 3

Looking at my photos later I realised it was a female sunbird.

The funny thing is, both my husband and I were sure it was the male sunbird that we saw, with his bright green iridescent plumage, not the female, with her drab grey-brown.

I scanned my photos carefully, but there was no sign of a male anywhere; only the female.

Just shows how the eye and the mind can play tricks on you!



All That Glitters

Raindrops 1

Haiku 110

Nature’s reminder

All that glitters is not gold

Sometimes it’s better!


Raindrops 2

We had a little rain recently. My plants rejoiced.

Raindrops 3

Cape Town still has harsh water restrictions, even though the dams are 46% full, which is a huge improvement on last year’s 20%.

However, it has hardly rained so far this year. This is our rainy season and will be over in a few more months.

Raindrops 4

Let’s hope we get some good downpours of this precious substance, which in the photo above looks like quicksilver.


The Colour of the Season

Blue Plumbago

I took a walk round my garden the other day, taking photos of my plants with my Nikon camera.

Red Honeysuckle

With all the colourful flowers in bloom, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was Spring here in Cape Town.

Gold Honeysuckle

It certainly looks like spring, doesn’t it?

Mauve Bougainvillea

And while there is a chill to the air at night or early in the morning, mostly the sun still shines during the day and the weather is pleasant.

Lemon Frangipani

The roses are still blooming, as is pretty much everything else.

Pink Rose

Apart from a few indications, such as the golden vine leaves:

Golden Vines

The only real way to tell the season – is to look at the date on the calendar!

The start of May; therefore it must be Autumn.


Friday Flower


Haiku 108

Rose of palest pink

Fade into the grey background

Quietly exist



My husband was given this rose at the shops the other day. Apparently it, and others like it, were deemed not to be fresh enough to belong in the bunches of flowers for sale.

I am enjoying its simplicity and delicate colour.

And it is lasting the longest time!


You Little Suckers!

Aphids on Honeysuckle

Haiku 104

Out with the spray can

Take that you little suckers

How dare you feed here!



I’ve been waxing lyrical lately about my honeysuckle plants that have all started blooming beautifully.

Unfortunately, I discovered a few bushes infested with aphids that were also enjoying the bounty!

I have a special solution I use on my roses that is kind to ladybirds, so I made up a fresh batch and sprayed away.

Now we wait and see!


For excellent horticultural information and advice you can check out my friend’s blog at The Naturarian. Many of you will remember her as MidWestern Plant Girl. She wrote a great post about aphids recently.



Sunbird 1

I spotted a male Lesser Double-Collared Sunbird enjoying his evening meal on my honeysuckle recently.

I was standing inside the lounge with the stoep door open and I held my arm outside with my trusty Canon to snap photos without the bird seeing me.

Sunbird 2

It was a little hit and miss, but I caught a few shots.

Sunbird 3

After a while, a female came to tell the male it was time to go home.

Sunbirds 4

She was insistent! So the male took heed and flew off after her.

Sunbirds 5

Though he was back again early in the morning – without her!


post script: If you’re wondering what the empty bottles are doing in the pool in the background, they act as a sort of pool cover to help prevent evaporation due to the wind. We still have water restrictions here in Cape Town, due to the drought, and are not allowed to top up a pool.

However, as I write this, there is no need; as a large storm front has just swept by and deposited a few centimetres of much needed rain. We channel rain water from the roof to the pool and unbelievably it has filled right up!