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Food 1 – Salad

Why this?

Why not –

Food 2 – Toastie

Or even –

Food 3 – Frozen Yoghurt

Or better yet –

Food 4 – Mini Chocolates




Sunday Musings #129

Chocolate is great. It gives you energy which can be used to go and buy more chocolate.

– Anon


Hopefully you have already stocked up on plenty of chocolate Easter Eggs; you know I have!

Happy Easter to all those who celebrate it.


All Set

Easter Eggs

I’m all set for the weekend.

How about you?


Don’t judge! They were on offer: 3 for 2.


Also, I know many will say it’s a waste of money to buy chocolate eggs and prefer to buy a bar of chocolate. But I love the thin chocolate shell; it just tastes better. Maybe because chocolate here is a little different from that in the colder countries such as UK. It has to be, or else all the chocolate bars would be puddles on the supermarket shelves!


Sunday Musings #123

Broccoli might get stuck in your teeth, but French fries will get stuck on your ass.

– Anon


I really don’t like broccoli! I like cauliflower though, especially in a cheese sauce. Yum!

Surprisingly, I don’t care much for chips either.

I call them chips; which caused a bit of a problem when I first came to South Africa, because when they say chips here they mean crisps!

But my preferred treat is Chocolate all the way.

What is your weakness?


Cherry Ripe


My Australian Cherry tree, Eugenia, is full of ripe cherries. Not perhaps what you were thinking of from the title?

Many people make hedges out of this plant; I also have a few in my garden. However, this tree is immense! You can see part of the wide trunk in the background of the photo. We sit under its ample shade on hot afternoons.

Apparently the berries are edible, though I don’t eat them myself. One of my dogs used to chew on them a bit, but I don’t think he liked them very much.

Cherry Ripe was a song we used to sing at school.


Cherry ripe, cherry ripe

Ripe I cry

Full and fair ones

Come and buy


It goes quite high, so I can’t reach those notes now!

Here it is, if you’d like to listen. It’s a cheery, cherry little song! Cherry Ripe song.