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Ducks cannot read!

Ducks swimming

Haiku 127

Swimming unaware

Can’t you read the danger sign?

Effluent waters!


Ducks swimming 2 – No Swimming Sign

Since these ducks cannot read, they swim regardless. I guess it goes hand in hand with their quack having no echo!

Ducks swimming 3

Still, they looked perfectly healthy – and happy!


post script: We met a man while walking round the wine estate and he told us that this little pond had filled up 18 inches with the recent rain. However, you can see that it is still seriously empty, as are all our proper dams.



Raindrops on Petals

Plumbago Raindrops 1

Haiku 115

Raindrops on petals

And brightly coloured flowers

My favourite things


Plumbago Raindrops 2

With more than a nod to the Sound of Music and Maria’s Favourite Things, I present a mini study in raindrops on petals.

Plumbago Raindrops 3


post script: No we didn’t get more rain; this is from the other week. It only rained twice here in May. But it should rain tomorrow. Fingers crossed!


Honeysuckle Heaven

Raindrops on Honeysuckle

Haiku 114

Raindrops keep falling

Bow your head down thankfully

Capture each crystal



We finally got some good rains! We’ve only had rain once so far this month and I was beginning to worry we were heading for another bad drought like we had in 2015, 2016 and worst of all, 2017.

I am sure my relief was equally matched by all the plants in my garden, as well as the parched land throughout the Western Cape. (Even though the weight of the raindrops made my poor red honeysuckle bow right down to the grass!)


Sea Mountains

Sea Mountains, Kommetjie Beach


Haiku 107

Nature’s own artwork

Strata of sand, sea, rock, sky

Calm after the storm



It had just rained that morning, clearing the air.

Once the clouds started to dissipate, the sun peeped out and the day brightened up. There wasn’t much wind either.

A perfect day for a walk on the beach with a mountain view.


This is Kommetjie Beach, Cape Town.