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Lovely Ladybird

Lady Bird

Haiku 63

Scurrying so fast

Lovely little Ladybird

Vast expanse of towel


We used to see Ladybirds quite often, way back when in the old days. One summer camping in Sweden we awoke one morning to find our orange tent completely covered in Ladybirds. I mean totally! It took us ages to shake off every last one before packing up the tent. It was the Summer of the Ladybird!

Now it is such a rare occurrence, that whenever I do see a Ladybird I have to dash for my camera to record the event.

This one I found sunbathing on my towel that was hanging out on the line with the other washing. Of course, the moment I started taking photos, she became camera shy and began scurrying about. This made it hard to focus, not helped by a sudden gust of wind that sent my towel billowing. Still, I got one shot before she flew off.

This unusually marked Ladybird doesn’t look like the ones I used to see, which were basically red with black spots. Either way, I was very happy to see her. I hope she finds her way to my roses, where she can enjoy a feast of aphids!

I think this particular little bug is called a Lunate Ladybird.


post script: My towel is not particularly shaggy; it’s just quite a close up to capture the Ladybird. My trusty little Canon succeeds again!



Sunday Musings #142

You’ll never truly know a woman until she’s drunk and mad at you!

– Unknown


I think this speaks for itself!

And today’s quote follows on nicely from Friday’s post.


Is It 5 pm Yet?

Cheers 1

What would Friday night be without a little celebration for making it through another week? I usually have a vodka on the rocks with TAB (diet coke).

Surely it’s got to be 5 pm somewhere!!



Cheers 2

What are the photos? I’m raising my glass and you can see the lounge lights shining through.

It would appear my glass is empty. Time for a refill!

What’s your favourite tipple?


I Hate Winter!

Little Monkey

Little Monkey’s rebuttal to my last post.

Poor Little Monkey!

She is a Sun Dog and really hates the cold, damp, windy winters of Cape Town. So she puts herself back to bed in the kitchen and waits for the sun to return.

Lucky for her, our winter is short. (Like this post!)


A Kaleidoscope of Butterflies

Bougainvillea Butterflies


Haiku 61

Dancing in the breeze

Many cool pink butterflies




When I was walking round my garden the other day taking photos of the flowers, I noticed that these shots of my pink bougainvillea looked like pretty pink butterflies!

Did you know that the collective noun for a group of butterflies is Kaleidoscope?