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Sunday Musings #158

Life is too short to remove USB safely.

– Unknown


I have one particular external HD that insists it is still in use, when I know I have closed everything. Now I don’t even ask my computer if it is safe to remove it, because I know it is and it will tell me it is not.

There seem to be different names in use for these little devices. I call them Flash Sticks, because you know, the small ones are sticks and they flash!

My sister in the UK calls them Memory sticks. I believe they are also referred to as USB or U, pen, thumb(nail), drives or sticks.

Removing these little guys isn’t too much of a problem. My main frustration is when you have stayed up a little too late watching ‘stuff’ online and now you really need to go to sleep. You try to shut down your laptop, only to be met with the Windows statement, Update and Shut Down or Update and Restart. No other options! Grrrr!



Shaggy Dog is Shaggy!

Shaggy Dog LM 1

Shaggy Dog has her bi-annual bath.

Shaggy Dog LM 2

Here she is lathered up with dog shampoo, ready to be rinsed off.

Shaggy Dog LM 3

The saddest dog is a wet dog!

Shaggy Dog LM 4

Shake your booty!

Shaggy Dog LM 5

I’m sitting my very best sit. Any treats going, Dad?

Shaggy Dog LM 6

This is my cutest face. Come on guys! Who’s got them?

Shaggy Dog LM 7

Is it you, Mum?

Shaggy Dog LM 8

All right!

Shaggy Dog LM 9

Now I’m all fluffy and super cuddly.

Well my very own Shaggy Dog, your ordeal is over till next year.


Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud!

LM and Mud 1

Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud!

Nothing quite like it for cooling the blood!

LM and Mud 2

This is how Little Monkey disguised herself as a fox in my last post, Vixen.

LM and Mud 3

It was really hot so I stayed in the shade as much as possible, while Little Monkey was having a great time. She paddled in the stream when she felt like it, which must have cooled her down a bit.

LM and Mud 4

I sat on a bench at the end of the walk so she could still sniff around. Surprisingly she even interacted with a few other dogs! (which if you know LM you will realise is amazing!)

LM and Friend

Happy Dog!


post script: You can listen to Flanders and Swann’s song, The Hippopotamus here: Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud!