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Back Lit

Back Lit 1 GALAXY

Early one morning, just as the sun was rising . . .

I grabbed all my cameras and photographed my daughter’s lavender bush as it basked in those first warming rays.

Back Lit 2 CANON

I clicked away using variously; my Galaxy camera phone, my decent Nikon camera and my little point and click Canon.

Below, my Galaxy camera phone really captures the effect of the sun’s rays slanting towards the lavender bush.

Back Lit 3 GALAXY

As expected, my Nikon camera (with no zoom lens) achieves the best close up of the lavender, with a lovely bokeh.

Back Lit 4 NIKON

I really liked how my little point and click Canon camera catches the sunlight, so that the lavender bush appears lit from within.

Back Lit 5 CANON

I found it interesting that each device offers a different aspect of the sunlit challenge. Though the results differ I think each has its own merit. They all found something unique to highlight in apparently the same shot.

Bearing in mind I have no filters; (and, indeed, little skill!) I was quite pleased with the varied results.

And that so far I have managed not to kill this lovey bush!



I’m Blue!

Blue 1

Da Ba Dee Da Ba Die Da Ba Dee Da Ba Die

Blue is such a marvellous colour, as my plumbago auriculata so aptly demonstrates, and quite rare in the natural world.

Blue 2

Yes, this is autumn in the Western Cape. Winter is just around the corner: winter solstice 21st June. But my little plumbago could care less. He’s going to flourish regardless.


Original song by Eiffel 65, with lyrics, Blue (Da Ba Dee).

And, because who can ever tell what they are singing, listen to, “I’m Blue, if I was green I would die”  with funny suggested lyrics!


post script: I have to add a caveat here: I can’t remember if I recently read a blog post similar to this, or if I just found the amusing ‘Blue’ lyrics surfing Youtube. So, if you’re reading this and getting miffed that I filched your idea, my sincere apologies and please let me know in the comments; I will gladly add a reference to you here.


Perpetual Summer

Summer? 1

As I write this, temperatures are soaring to 36C. This is autumn in the Western Cape! Seriously?

We have Berg winds again. To understand what this means, open your oven door when you’re cooking pizza and let the hot air waft over you. This kind of heat is blowing in through my open windows and doors right now. There is nowhere cool to go. Even sitting under the trees provides no respite today.

Summer? 2

I am tired of wearing T-Shirts and shorts and sweltering all day!

I am tired of the soft bread in my sandwich toasting itself in the air while I eat it, so the last bite is decidedly drier and crunchier than the first!

I am tired of a perpetual summer that began last September/October, over 7 months ago!


How do I know it is not summer any longer, but autumn? My calendar tells me so, as does my neighbour’s deciduous tree.

Summer may be officially over, but so many plants are just starting their new growth. Look at my camellia bush; bursting to overflowing with buds:

Summer? 3

And my newly planted little honeysuckle, that is flourishing:

Summer? 4

The impatiens in my hanging baskets, that keeps on producing flowers all year round.

Summer? 5

Perpetual summer? I think so!

Oh well, time for ice-wine by the pool!

Ice Wine






Haiku 43

Sunlight reflecting

Energy freely given

Honeysuckle gold



While we might be short of water, and other things, here in the Western Cape, one thing we are not short of is – sunlight!

post script: Sunlight always makes me think of this beautiful song written by John Denver in 1971 and performed by Andy Williams; so let me share with you “Sunshine on my shoulders”.


The Last Rose

Rose 1

Ethereal and delicately pale; this last rose of Autumn.

My daughter’s floribunda rose bush has continually produced pink blooms since the start of Spring, six months ago.

Rose 2

This is what it looked like then, in October last year.

I thought it interesting that these two photos, taken so far apart, were so similar; the position of the rose and buds being almost identical.

Although my Autumn rose is a little faded now, all it needs is dead-heading one last time before it has a little siesta.

Then it will be back in business for its winter blooming!