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The Leaves That are Green

Yellow Apple Tree Leaves 1

Haiku 132

The leaves that are green

Finally turn to yellow

Flutter to the ground


Yellow Apple Tree Leaves 2

My apple tree is running a little behind the rest of the garden. I look out and see the tree is still covered in green leaves, but at least some are now falling. The oak tree and syringa have been bare for a while now.

Yellow Apple Tree Leaves 3

All the rest of the garden is green or in full bloom, like my poinsettia, camellia and honeysuckle.

Winter is weird in the Western Cape!


You can listen to Simon and Garfunkel singing “The leaves that are green.”



The Web!

SL Fynbos Plant 1

Haiku 131

So you have returned

Good to see you my old friend

Sanity restored


SL Fynbos Plant 2

This is the Mr Spaghetti Legs’ little fynbos bush, Erica Quadrangularis,¬†planted in September 2016.

I am always thrilled when I notice new green growth and the tiny white flowers in Spring. (Yes, it is early this year, as it is still mid-winter here in Cape Town.)

SL Fynbos Plant 3

I tend to it regularly and make sure it has water throughout the drought, carrying around heavy buckets of grey water to keep it alive.

I am rewarded by its return; shown in the first photo with a tiny gossamer web encrusted with dewdrops.



So we finally got the new Router. It was the right one this time and we are connected once more to the world wide web.

It’s good to be back, as there are certain things I missed, such as easy contact with my family overseas, my Duolingo languages and, of course, blogging.

And I do enjoy “surfing” the web and watching YouTube clips.

But I am not totally reliant on it and do have days when I don’t switch on my laptop at all.

So what do I do for entertainment then?

Our TV is abysmal and I never watch anything, but I have many movies on dvd (oh hundreds!). I do crosswords, cryptic, skeleton and others, and I have always loved to curl up with a good book.

Still, it is good to be back!

Hello again my friends!


Mr Spaghetti Legs

Mr Spaghetti Legs 8

Mr SL 3


Wake Up Call!

Who Me? – Olive Thrush 4

Haiku 130

What is wrong with you?

There’s not a light in the sky

My Arch Nemesis!



It is pitch black here in Cape Town at 05.30.

Not a creature is stirring; not even a mouse.

But my Arch Nemesis, the cheeky Olive Thrush, has decided it is morning and is singing his little heart out.

Very Loudly!

A Wake Up Call indeed!


Monkey Nuts!

Sparky the Squirrel with Monkey Nut 1

Haiku 129

Hunting for treasure

Monkey nuts for a monkey!

Sparky on my stoep



Sparky the squirrel regularly stops by our stoep and looks for us. When we see him, we throw a few nuts out. He grabs one and immediately runs off to bury it, then comes back for more.

Why do we not leave some nuts out for him? Because a large rat has also been stopping by! 

Sparky the Squirrel with Monkey Nut 2

In the second photo you can see that Sparky hunts for the nut by scent. It is right there in front of him, but he still sniffs it out.


My long-time followers will notice one very important thing in the photos.

Yes! The stoep is wet!

We have had a little rain lately and even if it only drizzles, it may do so for a few hours, which all adds up. The lawn particularly is very happy!


Carpets of Rose Gold

Camellia and Apple Tree Leaves 1

Haiku 128

Spring, Summer, Autumn?

Fallen Carpets of Rose Gold

Winter Wonderland



In the photo above, I took the shot into the sun and by lucky chance my trusty Canon produced the lovely rose gold carpet effect.

Camellia and Apple Tree Leaves 2

Just as my apple tree finally decides to shed its golden leaves, my camellia bush is in full bloom, also shedding many rose petals.

This is mid-winter in the Western Cape.


post script: Rose Gold is an alloy of yellow gold, copper and silver. The copper provides the red colour and the silver tones it down to produce the rose colour.



Ladybird 1

Haiku 126

Before you fly home

Stop by my roses a while

Welcome visitor!


Ladybird 2

Just the other day I was lamenting that it is yonks since I last saw a Ladybird in my garden. The next day my husband found this little lass, who the wind had blown into our lounge!

Ladybird 3

We gently transferred her onto the rose bush.

I hope she settles down for a lengthy stay and can keep the aphids from eating my roses!

Ladybird 4


I’m sure you all know the nursery rhyme, which dates back to 1744:

Ladybird Ladybird

Fly away home

Your house is on fire

And your children have flown.


A View With Room!

Vineyard Open Spaces 1

Haiku 125

A room with a view?

Open to the horizon

Views with lots of room!


Vineyard Open Spaces 2

These photos are from a local wine estate on a winter’s morning this week in Cape Town.

Vineyard Open Spaces 3

You can see that the vines are taking a little rest before resuming their task of producing tons of delicious grapes to make excellent South African wines.

Vineyard Open Spaces 4

Yes, Cape Town is the most beautiful place in the world!


post script: A Room with a View is a novel written in 1908 by E. M. Forster.