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Little Apples


Haiku 98

Sour green apples

Nice to look at not to eat

My gnarly old tree



I don’t know why my ancient apple tree produces an odd clump of apples, but it does so every year. Mostly the apples are fairly evenly spread around the whole tree, but for this one group. And for some reason, these apples are redder than usual.

However the old tree makes its fruit, I’m just happy that it’s still hanging in there.

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A Breath of Fresh Air

Seaside 1

Haiku 97

Sitting on the beach

Strong breeze blows your cares away

Just sea, sand and sky


Seaside 2

Distant mountains.

Seaside 3

I’ll be very impressed if anyone spotted the cormorant in the photo above, taking off from the sea where it had been fishing.

Seaside 4 – Cormorant

Where was it?

Seaside 5 – Cormorant

I have left a lot of sky in the photos, so you can enjoy the deep blue; and sand, so you can imagine walking along the beach.


Honeysuckle Sunshine

Honeysuckle 1

Haiku 96

Honeysuckle gold

Soaking up the warm sunshine

Reflecting it back



These are the Honeysuckle bushes we planted several months ago to brighten up a new wall.

They have flourished!

Honeysuckle 2

Producing flowers already, they are even ahead of the older bushes around the corner.

They range from yellow, gold and orange, to red at the end, though those flowers are not out yet.

Honeysuckle 4

They certainly brighten up my day, when I open the curtains in the morning to be greeted by their colourful smiles.

And the Sunbirds have found them again, adding a little more sunshine to the day.

Honeysuckle 3


post script: Sunny photos as requested by Blosslyn, who is “In the “Bleak Mid-winter” – and for all of you in the North, who are fed up of winter.¬†


Black Eagle

Black Eagle 1

Haiku 94

Heard long before seen

Scanning blue skies for a glimpse

As you scan for food



I was out walking in the Green Belt with my daughter one morning, when we heard the unmistakable cry of a large bird of prey.

Craning our necks back we searched the skies, finally catching a brief glimpse of a tiny speck high up in a wisp of cloud.

Black Eagle 2

I took four photos; three of which I found out later were just plain sky!

The fourth is the photo above, enlarged many times to blurriness, but still showing the classic shape and colouring of a Black Eagle.



post script: The Black Eagle of Southern Africa is also known as Verreaux’s Eagle, Aquila Verreauxii.


Backlit Composition

Back-lit Agapanthus

Haiku 92

Like alien trees

 Growing on other planets

Backlit blue flowers



I was standing down in the vineyard car park and the Agapanthus flowers were a metre or so above me, with rows of grapes growing behind them.

There were clouds in the sky, which is unusual for summer in Cape Town, and that, plus shooting into the sun, produces a monochrome effect.