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Haiku 43

Sunlight reflecting

Energy freely given

Honeysuckle gold



While we might be short of water, and other things, here in the Western Cape, one thing we are not short of is – sunlight!

post script: Sunlight always makes me think of this beautiful song written by John Denver in 1971 and performed by Andy Williams; so let me share with you “Sunshine on my shoulders”.


Glorious Gold

Golden 1


Autumn in the Cape

In the blink of an eye

Leaves turn to gold

Though it is hotter than July (in Europe!)

Certainly not cold


Golden 2

Autumn takes you by surprise

While most are evergreen

Grapevines alert your eyes

To the changing scene


Golden 3

Sunlight filters through

Leaves kissed with gold

Ever reminding you

Of seasons tales untold


Golden 4