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Portrait of a Dog #10

Portrait of Little Monkey 1

Here is Little Monkey on one of our walks, with wild grasses whispering in the breeze behind her. I just love the background; it looks like she has stepped into a painting.

Portrait of Little Monkey 2

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a portrait (almost four years!), so LM has a lot more silver around the muzzle now, but apart from that she is still the same lovable noo noo.




Chestnut Horse

I came across this handsome fellow at a vineyard the other day. (His mouth looks a bit funny because he is chewing grass!)

What might not show up so much in my photos is the magnificent chestnut sheen to his coat.

Chestnut Horse 2

I had stopped my car to the side of the lane and got out for a better view.

Chestnut Horse 3

The horse was way off in the field when I arrived, but I just stood at the fence admiring him.

Chestnut Horse 4

He saw me and came sauntering over; right up to the fence to say Hello.

Chestnut Horse 5

I stroked his muzzle and patted his neck.

Chestnut Horse 6

Two happy beings meeting by mutual consent on a field in the middle of vineyards with a backdrop of distant mountains.

Chestnut Horse 7

When I returned that way later he’d been joined by his friend.

Chestnut Horse 8

They were walking away from me in the far distance; two magnificent steeds.


post script: I realise that my friends in the freezing Northern Hemisphere probably read my title and assumed I was referring to “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire”.

Nope. Far too hot here to think of that, especially with the sun roasting us every day!


Picture Perfect

Photo Frames 1

Dog Photo Frames 1

My Babies!

For Christmas one year, my daughter DD bought me several small gold heart frames and found and printed out mini photos of my dogs. At the time I had Madam, TJ and Little Monkey, but she also added the previous dogs Lady and Jack to make a complete set.

They sit on my dressing table in the bedroom so I can look at them daily.

Then we adopted Mr Spaghetti Legs, and DD searched high and low for another mini gold heart frame, but to no avail. Then one day I came across a bling diamond heart frame and thought that would be perfect for Lady, the first, and SL could have her frame.

Since the original photos had faded over time (I don’t know why; they are never in the sun) I found and printed out new photos of all the dogs. The above photo is the finished effort and below are the original photos.

Dog Photo Frames 2

Dog Photo Frames 2

You don’t know who is who? You can see a gallery of all my dogs here What Empty Nest?


Since the rescue dogs I adopt are usually at least 6 years old, and in SL’s case nearly 12 years old, they are not with me for very long. It’s lovely to keep a visual memento of them, as well as the one carved in my heart.


Funny Face

Little Monkey

Little Monkey

Those of you who follow my blog will know the normal face of Little Monkey. See Little Monkey Two Three

Here, I was creeping along the carpet with the camera to take her picture (no flash of course – sensitive dog’s eyes) and I caught such a funny expression. It’s like she is saying, “What are you doing now, Mum?”


Portrait of a Dog #9

Little Monkey

Little Monkey

I Love you Mum!

Little Monkey after her bath – eagerly expectant of a treat!

post script: Disclaimer! For all those (one) of you who notice that the choke chain is on incorrectly:- It was placed round her neck correctly, but she leapt in the air and jumped around like an Idiot, till it had moved to the other side. I only ever use this old choke chain for her bath, while her usual soft collar is washed and drying on the line with her lead. She has a lovely red material collar which you will notice in all her photos.


Gimp my Pride!

Rose Bud - Orson

Rose Bud – Orson

The proud rose is gimped!

My daughter showed me how to use GIMP this weekend. I couldn’t wait to play around with it.

Rose 2

Rose 2

And the original –

Original Rose

Original Rose

So, which do you prefer?

post script: Why is the rose bud always called Orson? So far only one person has noticed!


What Empty Nest?

When my kids left home, they complained that I replaced them with dogs! What’s wrong with that?