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Sunday Musings #175

I’m not lazy. I’m just on my energy saving mode.

– Unknown


Hmmm. Seems like I am permanently on my energy saving mode these days!



Sunday Musings #174

“It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game,” according to the losers and their parents.

– Unknown


While I think this quote is amusing, it does have a grain of truth!

I have three older siblings and growing up there was no way I could ever win any game we kids played.

Playing chess or any card game with my Dad or older brother was always an exercise in patience for me. They took so long to move a chess piece that I’d play kamikaze chess just to finish the game! (ie deliberately kill myself as quickly as possible just to end this!)

So, yes, I had to learn to enjoy playing the game, because I was never ever going to win.

Gondolier 1

I never won physical things at school either, because I was young in the year and on the small side.

That is why I clearly remember my school sports day when I was eight years old.

The girls in our year ran what they quaintly called “The 80 Yard Dash”. We all lined up at the start and off we went.

I remember my little feet pounding down the grass lane while my glasses bounced up and down on my nose, making the field in front of me dance around too.

My friend W was to the left of me. Tall and swift she soon outstripped me and was in the lead, but I kept on running for all I was worth.

I saw W reach the white tape at the end of the race. Then she simply stopped! All the parents at the side of the track were shouting at W to cross the tape!

My little feet still pounding away, I caught up. I had no such hesitation at the tape and ran straight through it. I was first!

W suddenly realised what all the parents were shouting at her, did a quick skip, and crossed the line second.

I went up to W after the race and said that it wasn’t fair. Obviously she had won the race; she was at the finish line way before me. W was a lovely girl and just said that yes it was fair, as she should have had the sense to cross the line. I did, so I won.

Gondolier 2

At the end of sports day they handed out the prizes. I won a plastic gondola with tiny gondolier. (Since I don’t have the gondola handy, I stuck my little gondolier onto this dish with some prestik.)

I cherished this prize for years. The gondolier’s lost his pole and the gondola, I think, is in the top of my wardrobe; but when I came across the little man the other day, he still brought back all those memories.

I am sure W went on to win many other races. (I don’t know because we moved and I never saw her again.)

As for me; that was the only race I ever won my entire life. Even though I felt I won by default, it still meant a lot to me: enough to keep the tiny gondolier all these years!


Sunday Musings #172

I’m not short, I’m just more down to earth than other people.

– Unknown


I’d have to say that this is true on both counts.

Though I don’t consider myself to be short, I guess it is all relative. My sister-in-law thought I was short; but she was 5′ 10.5″ (1.79m) tall! (which is tall for a woman)

Here in South Africa there are many women much shorter than me; but also quite a few taller.

What is indisputable is that I am down to earth. I always say, I have my feet firmly planted on the ground, but my head is in the clouds!


Sunday Musings #171

There are two rules in life.

1. Never give out all the information.


– Unknown


That being said, some of you may have noticed my absence over the last few weeks. It was very difficult trying to keep up with everyone in Blogland during all my recent long power cuts. I also had a visitor and family comes first. However, I should be getting back into the swing of things soon. I hope you have all been keeping well and I look forward to catching up.


Sunday Musings #170

Light travels faster than sound. That’s why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.

– Alan Dundes


This really appeals to the scientist in me.

It also reminded me of a funny incident at school once.

In physics class one day, we were doing an experiment outside, attempting to measure the speed of sound. The teacher stood with a group of girls, who had a starting pistol (firing blanks). My friend and I, both equipped with stop watches, walked a measured distance away from them.

The experiment was to time the difference between seeing the puff of smoke as the pistol was fired and hearing the actual gun shot. We could then calculate the speed of sound, as we also knew the distance travelled.

Well, school was hard work and extremely tedious. I was a bit of a clown at times, just to relieve the boredom.

So, I spoke quietly to my friend and told her what I was going to do.

When the shot fired I dropped to the ground and lay still.

I thought this was hilarious! The teacher not so much. In fact I still remember her white face!

I was told to stop messing around and we got on with the experiment.

We got a fairly decent result in the end, considering it relied so much on human accuracy with the stop watches.


And for those few who might be interested, the speed of sound (which varies according to air pressure and temperature) is 343 m/s in dry air at 20C.


Sunday Musings #169

You have not experienced true fear until a poster falls down in the middle of the night.

– Anon


I had first-hand experience of this as a new student at university, away from home for the first time.

I had rented a tiny room on the third floor at the top of a large house; a little garret right up under the roof. Half the ceiling sloped down towards the back wall to a height of about a metre. I put my desk in that area as you could only fit there if sitting down. I bashed my head on the ceiling every time I got up. It only took me a few weeks to remember to keep my head down when rising from the desk!

The bed was along one wall and there was a tiny square window opposite that looked out over the rooftops. It was absolutely freezing in winter, but pretty to see the snow-covered rooves.

To make the garret a little homier, and also to cover up some of the ugly wall, I bought many posters and stuck them on the wall with prestik.

I had Clint Eastwood, Pete Deuel (From a TV series “Alias Smith and Jones”, a take-off of the movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid) and David Bowie. David’s poster was on the wall where my bed was.

In the middle of one night I woke up in a panic. I heard a sound and next thing I knew something was falling on top of me, sort of folding over me and smothering my upper body and face.

I flailed around in blind terror for a moment, before freeing myself and rushing to put the light on.

I surveyed my bed to see – David Bowie’s poster had slowly peeled itself off the wall and curled over my sleeping form.

Yes, it was hilarious in retrospect, but I will never forget that feeling of panic on being woken up that way!