Sunday Musings #103

I wonder how many calories I burn by jumping to conclusions?

– Unknown


Hey, I’m willing to try anything to keep the weight down!



Setting Forth

Kevin 1

There are Three Bridges that span the Firth of Forth in Scotland, connecting Edinburgh to Fife. These are The Forth Bridge, (a railway bridge built between 1883 and 1890), The Forth Road Bridge (for traffic and built between 1958 and 1964) and the newly built, Queensferry Crossing.

Kevin 2

The bridge in my photos is the Queensferry Crossing, which was officially opened a few days ago by the Queen. It is the longest three-tower cable-stayed bridge in the world.

And while its proper name might be the Queensferry Crossing, locally it has been nicknamed Kevin, which I much prefer!


Though I did not travel on that particular bridge, I got a good view of it as I crossed the Firth at sunset.

Kevin 3

My amazing photos were taken through the dirty train window and from the other side of the carriage! I had to edit out the men sitting at the table opposite; one who was working on his laptop; the other who was working his way through a six-pack of beer!

Firth of Forth

My train travelled across the Forth Bridge, which is a cantilever bridge. The only photos I managed to snap of this bridge were the view over the Firth of Forth and some of the overhead girders as our train sped along the track beneath.




Heaven Scent


Heaven Scent

Even the brightest Sunbeam

Needs a little rain






post script: The answer to last post’s movie trivia quiz, “Who said ‘Like molten steel’?” is Leslie Nielsen in the 1995 comedy “Rent a Kid”. He would compare the oddest things to molten steel. eg This glass is as clean as molten steel.

Points for effort go to Samanthamurdochblog and A Curious Introvert. Thanks for playing along.


Grey Heron

Grey Heron 1

I spotted this large bird as we walked round the lake, St Margaret’s Loch, in Holyrood Park in Edinburgh.

I like how from a distance the water looks like molten steel!

Grey Heron 2

I think this is a Grey Heron. They are commonly found all over the UK around wetland areas such as lakes and typically stand with their long necks pulled in, as seen in the first photo.

Grey Heron 3

After I’d taken a few quick shots, the heron decided he’d had enough of me and my camera and slowly waded back towards the shoreline, to hide in the reeds.


It was a grey, drizzly day, and as I said recently, my little Canon point and click camera prefers bright sunshine, being South African!

Still, it did its best in the dim lighting and from quite a distance.


post script: Extra points if you know who said “Like molten steel” and in which movie.


Sunday Musings #102

Some people are like clouds. When they go away, it’s a brighter day.

– Anon


While I’m sure we all know people like this, the reason for my quote today is because –

The Sun is Shining Brightly.

Looks like Spring has Sprung suddenly, as is its wont* here in Cape Town.

It’s a very pleasant 24C here today, with a promise of 28C tomorrow. But all is not bad news . . . We should get a little more rain after this burst of Spring sunshine. (We still have the drought.)


post script: Don’t you love that word “wont”? No it’s not a typo. It means a manner or action habitually employed.

Yes, I guess it’s rarely used these days, but that doesn’t mean it’s not awesome!


Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle 1

I couldn’t visit Edinburgh and not post a few photos of the Castle, seen here in sunlight.

I found that my little old point and click Canon camera often battled to capture good images, due to the dim lighting on cloudy or rainy days in the UK.

Edinburgh Castle 2

Fortunately, the sun came out to bathe the Castle in bright light, which my trusty Canon could then happily snap!

I took shots from different angles as we walked along through Princes Street gardens.

Edinburgh Castle 3

The castle is built on Castle Rock, the remains of the inner pipe of an extinct volcano from about 350 million years ago. There is evidence that humans have been living on the rock since at least the 2nd century AD.

Edinburgh Castle 4

From the 12th century there’s been a royal castle on the rock, which became used as a military barracks by the 17th century.

Today Edinburgh Castle is an historic fortress, clearly visible as a main feature of the Edinburgh city skyline.

Flower Clock

And here is a magnificent clock made of flowers that we came across in Princes Street Gardens. I’ve always enjoyed working flower clocks.


I Survived!

Erica 1

Look who’s back!

Mr Spaghetti Legs’ plant, Erica Quadrangularis, is in full bloom once again.

It has survived a whole year, of sun and drought, and of barely hanging on with its tiny little stem and measly root structure.

Erica 2

Now, as Spring approaches once more in the Western Cape, it is in full magnificent bloom. A myriad of tiny white bell-shaped blossoms adorn the dry stick-like stems.


Erica 3

For size comparison: in the above photo, those dried up brown leaves under the bush are from my oak tree. It really is a tiny plant!


And because I know that secretly you all want to see some photos of the old boy, here is Mr Spaghetti Legs.

Mr Spaghetti Legs

LM and SL

Mr SL 3

Mr Spaghetti Legs 8

Mr Spaghetti Legs