Sunday Musings #122

Being an adult is mostly being exhausted, wishing you hadn’t made any plans and wondering how you hurt your back.

– Anon

I’m sure that many of you will agree with this!

For myself, I’m always tired (allergies play a big part in this), I like alone time and I am extremely careful to avoid hurting my back.

However, what I do find puzzling is the massive purple bruise I find on my arm or leg sometimes. I walk into things a lot, but when I have really bashed myself, I say, “I’ll remember that tomorrow!”

Apparently not!




White Eye

I was sitting outside on the stoep enjoying the cool evening air as the sun set. Often if you stay very still then after a while birds will join you.

Sure enough, a few Cape White Eye flew to the grape vines overhead on the stoep and twittered as they flittered about, eating the ripening grapes.

They are tiny and very hard to capture as they dart swiftly around. Also my little Canon does not do well in low light.

Finally, one stopped for a moment on a branch, silhouetted against the dimming sky.




Little Monkey 1

Little Monkey and Loggy. Could anything be happier?

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Little Monkey doesn’t have expensive toys; she has never really cared for them, especially if they squeak!

She prefers to make her own toys, such as this giant log that she carries round the garden in her mouth. She finds a nice spot to lie down and then proceeds to chew chunks off the bark and spit them out. It keeps her happy for hours and is good for her teeth too, I guess.


Gotcha Day

I’ve never heard of this being celebrated over here, but I have read about it on other blogs. As chance would have it, today is Little Monkey’s Gotcha Day. I adopted her 11 years ago at the age of 18 months.

And my life has never been the same since!




This little fuchsia plant used to live in one of my hanging baskets under a large Eugenia tree. It wasn’t doing too well there, mostly because I’d forget to water it!

I moved it to a small pot on my stoep, where I can keep an eye on it. Since then it has flourished; so much so that it produces many of these beautiful blooms.

post script: I had to crawl on my stomach to get this shot from underneath. You can see the rim of the pot in the top left. You’re welcome!


Sunday Musings #121

Anyone else realise that books are just dead trees with tattoos?

– Unknown

I have always loved books and would avidly devour book after book as a kid, long before Harry Potter magically appeared!

Now with Kindles and eBooks around some people never read an actual book any more. I still love to feel the weight of the book in my hands as I turn each page and watch my progress through the tome. I love the smell of a new book (not so much an old musty one!). I love to curl up in a comfy chair with a cuppa and enter another world.

Still, in all these years I had never thought of a book as a dead tree; with tattoos to boot!


Gottle O’ Geer!

Olive Thrush

What have you got there, Buddy?

Oh sorry! I guess you can’t speak with your mouth full!


This cheeky Olive Thrush is a very regular visitor to my garden. He chases the lovely Cape Bulbuls away from Little Monkey’s water bowls, which they use as bird baths. Seen here, he has just raided the bush for golden berries and has one in his mouth. Yum!

post script: “Gottle o’ Geer” is what you say for “Bottle of Beer” when you are not a ventriloquist! It is very hard to say ‘B’ without moving your lips.


Blooming Lovely!

Frangipani 1

My frangipani plumeria is flourishing, despite the on-going drought. It must have been in my garden for decades as it was already here when we got the house.

Frangipani 2

Since the lack of rainfall last winter, we have not been allowed to water our gardens. What survives does so all by itself.

To give you an indication of the size of my frangipani, the angular line you see top left in the photo below is part of the garage roof. The tree grows a good metre above this.

Frangipani 3

My garden is full of plants that manage to thrive without much pampering – it’s just how I garden! – so those that remain tend to be indigenous plants or just very hardy.

Besides, we are in full summer now and it is not supposed to rain in January or February. The indigenous plants know this!