Pick On Someone Your Own Size!

Little Monkey

So Little Monkey got charged by a snarling, barking dog again.

Not as horrific as you might be thinking.

This particular monster was a very young Labrador puppy and barely came up to LM’s ankles!

It shot out of its house, ran right across the road and went straight for LM, snarling, yapping, barking and snapping.

LM was a bit surprised and was just about to react when I put her behind me and faced the little rat. I easily stopped it by bending down and grabbing it by the scruff of the neck and its harness.

A man working at the house (not the owner of the pup) came rushing over, picked up the puppy and took it back inside.

We were both laughing at the puppy’s antics.

It was hilarious!

But in a year or two, when it is fully grown and weighing 30 kg, it won’t be so funny!



Storm Front

Red Skies 1

Haiku 58

A beautiful sight

Clouds amass in red sunset

Presage to a Storm


Did you know that Cape Town is referred to as The Cape of Good Hope?

Did you know it is also referred to as The Cape of Storms?

Red Skies 2

We get some tremendous gales down here at the tip of the African continent. We are the first outcrop of land to take the brunt of those Antarctic storm fronts that come rushing in from the south west.

We are used to it.

When we talk about it being a bit windy, you can be sure the trees are bending furiously in the gales and your breath is whipped from your body when you walk abroad.

Red Skies 3

This year we are particularly grateful for each and every one of these storm fronts that actually does hit our coastline.

Last year, time after time, they passed by south of us, taking their tantalising rain clouds with them.

Last year was the third year in a row that we received a lower than average rainfall and the drought hit us hard.

So far, this year promises to be better. Already we have had more rain than the same time last year. The total dam levels in Cape Town are at 26%. This time last year they were at 19%.

And Capetonians are continuing to save water like crazy. We are still limited to a maximum of 50 litres per person per day.

This is what has saved us; so far.

We can only hope that our rainy months of June and July fulfill our expectations and the dams replenish enough to last us through to this time next year.

Bring on the storms!


post script: You can read about how different our winters were back in 2014, in two of my early posts: Give a Dog a Bone and Cape of Storms.


Sunday Musings #136

I have neither the time nor the crayons to explain this to you.

– Unknown

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I find myself trying to explain something so very basic and obvious, to someone who just doesn’t get it.

I wish I could remember this pithy remark for times like that!

But to be honest, I’d be too kind to use it!


Not an Elephant! aka Toadstools

Toadstool 1

Today I present many toadstool photos, none of which are elephants in tall elephant grass!

Toadstool 2

This was my “elephant” from above; clearly looking nothing like one!

Toadstool 3

And here is the photo I tried to trick you with in my post Elephant Grass recently. Sadly for me, most of you knew exactly what it was, despite my spending ages adjusting the photo to look more elephant-like! (The photo on the left is unaltered; on the right is blurred, darkened and colour adjusted.)

Toadstool 4

Normally I don’t like to see toadstools all over the lawn as I worry a bit about fungal spores. I am supposedly allergic to them.

Toadstool 5

But this time I welcomed each and every one of the little fungi.

Toadstool 6

Their very presence here indicates that we have had some good rains lately.

Toadstool 7



Seasonal Allergies



A Hay Fever Sufferer’s Lament

Seasonal allergies?

All very well my dear

But what if your flowers

Bloom all *flipping year?



You would never think that our Winter Solstice is fast approaching on 21 June.

Right now in my garden:

Rose bushes are still producing new buds

Honeysuckles are gloriously adorned with flowers

Poinsettia is flaunting a brand new red crown

Camellia is poised to explode into one big pink extravaganza


It is no wonder that I have allergies all year round!


*flipping: I refer to the English meaning “for emphasis or to express mild annoyance” and not the American meaning “purchasing a revenue-generating asset and quickly reselling (or flipping) it for profit”!

I had no idea of the American meaning until I googled the word to double check it wasn’t swearing!



Baboon Spider 1

You know you’re a Blogger when, on seeing a Baboon Spider on the kitchen wall, you stop your husband from putting it outside until you’ve grabbed your camera and taken a photo of it for your Blog!

Baboon Spider 2

I got my husband to hold a ruler near it so you can see the size. Note: This is a small one!

He couldn’t hold the ruler any closer or it would have run away. Also, out of deference to my more arachnid-challenged readers, I have made my photos small. Hopefully you do not spill your coffee this morning when you open my post!


Baboon Spiders are harmless to us – unless of course you have a heart attack on seeing one! As I said, this one is a small guy and yes he most likely is a guy, as the females tend to stay in their nests while the guys roam around looking for mates. They normally live outside in my vines (not the grape vines – the other ones) where the female can build a large egg sac of folded over leaves, wound round and sealed with silken thread, keeping her babies safe inside.

Still, they do give me a bit of a fright when I come across one when trimming the vines. They are just so big!

Even so, I have seen a wasp kill one and drag the heavy body up the side of the house to stuff it in a crack in between the bricks, where it will lay an egg on it. The wasp was pretty big too and had those dangly stingers which really hurt if they just touch you.

OK my post is over; you can open your eyes now!


Sunday Musings #135

3 out of 4 voices in my head want to sleep. (The other wants to know if penguins have knees.)

– Unknown


Just a daft musing for today!

And while I might not actually wonder if penguins have knees (because I know that they do!) I do find many other weird questions drifting across my mind sometimes as I try to fall asleep.