Sunbird 1

I spotted a male Lesser Double-Collared Sunbird enjoying his evening meal on my honeysuckle recently.

I was standing inside the lounge with the stoep door open and I held my arm outside with my trusty Canon to snap photos without the bird seeing me.

Sunbird 2

It was a little hit and miss, but I caught a few shots.

Sunbird 3

After a while, a female came to tell the male it was time to go home.

Sunbirds 4

She was insistent! So the male took heed and flew off after her.

Sunbirds 5

Though he was back again early in the morning – without her!


post script: If you’re wondering what the empty bottles are doing in the pool in the background, they act as a sort of pool cover to help prevent evaporation due to the wind. We still have water restrictions here in Cape Town, due to the drought, and are not allowed to top up a pool.

However, as I write this, there is no need; as a large storm front has just swept by and deposited a few centimetres of much needed rain. We channel rain water from the roof to the pool and unbelievably it has filled right up!



Stars and Stripes!

Clouds 1

I noticed this unusual sky the other night as I was about to shut the front door.

The clouds were streaked in horizontal stripes across a darkening blue background.

Clouds 2

I grabbed my camera and rushed outside to take a few shots, before the clouds dissipated.

OK, so these are the stripes, but where’s the star?

Clouds 3 and Plane 1

As I was snapping the clouds I heard the unmistakable distant roar of a 747 jumbo jet. Yes, it is in the photo above!

Scanning ahead of the sound I caught a flash of light.

Plane 2

The setting sun bathed the plane in a halo of light making it shine like a beacon. A shining star indeed!

Stars and Stripes!


In fact it looked so strange that I can understand why people sometimes mistake sights like this for a UFO!

Plane 3

It looked more and more alien as it melted into the clouds, heading for unknown exotic locations in distant lands.


Thank Goodness!

Vine Leaves 1

Haiku 101

Golden-tipped vine leaves

Foretell the end of summer

At last some relief



Vine Leaves 2

As the sun was setting the other night I looked out and saw its glow reflected on the grape vines. I realised suddenly that the worst was over!

I love to see the oranges and golds of these grapevines, as most of the plants here are Evergreen.

Vine Leaves 3

If the vines are turning to autumn colours then cooler weather should be on the way soon.

Of course, I still have the whole of March to get through before I can expect any significant decrease in temperature, but at least there is hope!