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Background bokeh effect

Haiku 269

Not in the limelight

Never underestimate

Your background power



While looking through my photos, I came across a few with lovely bokeh effects. This one in particular stood out.

And it made me think!

The object I was focusing on only shone because of the amazing blur, or bokeh, behind it.

Just like life!

If it weren’t for those of us in the background, no-one would be seen to shine!

So here’s in celebration of all of you out there, who, like me, are a Mr Spock and not a Captain Kirk!


post script: So what is the photo? Surprisingly, this was in the background when I was taking a close up of a freesia. It is dappled sunlight filtering through the leaves of a honeysuckle behind the freesia. No I’m not going to show you the whole photo, because today is the turn for those in the shade to shine!


Abstract Sundial

Sundial - Abstract

Sundial – Abstract

Monochrome #4

I can’t help noticing patterns and symmetry and I like when things line up.

Here, quite by chance, I discovered that the shadows cast by the sun, at this specific time in the morning, exactly lined up the outline of the roof of the house with the solar garden lamp, to create a satisfying 45 degree angle, within the right angle.

Maybe I’m weird (No – don’t answer that!) – but I liked this. So I played around with GIMP, and present this as my fourth offering for Ady’s challenge at Colorpaletteofady.





What am I? Bugs on a slide viewed through a microscope? Macrophages? Abstract art? Answer appears upside down at the bottom of this post.

Did you really turn your laptop upside down? hehe

Answer: Photo is the pattern left on the stoep from two dog mats that had been caught out in the rain. I particularly like the fine detail of the fringes. Did you guess?

What is a stoep? Afrikaans for a veranda.