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Little Monkey is 13!

Little Monkey – on the day we got her

Little Monkey is 13 years old.

I don’t know LM’s exact date of birth, but according to the rescue centre that we adopted her from, it is sometime around now.

For Little Monkey’s 13th birthday I present for your entertainment a collection of some of my favourite photos of this amazing dog; including never-before-seen footage! 

Enjoy the uniqueness and daftness that is our very own Little Monkey.

The first photo above shows a young Little Monkey on the day we got her, in February 2007.

LM – daft

She immediately settled in and showed us her quirky character by trying to squeeze through the bars!

LM and Madam

Above Madam, the alpha female, has an ostrich bone and Little Monkey, the omega, is not going to challenge her.

LM – bone

However, the moment no-one was looking LM would gather all the bones or hooves together and guard them!

Seeing Eye to Eye – Madam and Little Monkey

LM and Madam always had an uneasy truce, mostly because LM hadn’t a clue about the social rules of dog etiquette!

LM and TJ 1

Long before Mr Spaghetti Legs, Little Monkey was best friends with TJ, who was about 8 or 9 years old here and LM was 2 and a half.

The pale thing on LM’s legs is part of a chewed up pool noodle!

LM and TJ 2

You may recognise TJ as being my WP Gravatar and also on my About page; My Tail Too.

LM and TJ 3

I’m glad that LM had TJ in her young life, and later on, SL. As you all know, LM is an anxious dog and it’s very hard to find another dog who will tolerate her and that she is comfortable with.

The young LM

The above photo is of Little Monkey 10 years ago. She hasn’t changed much, apart from being a little hairier now and with more white around the muzzle.

If you scroll down you can see the various faces of Little Monkey, as she has appeared over the years.

Happy Little Monkey

Pensive – Little Monkey

Little Monkey Sunbathing

LM Walk 8

Little Monkey

Little Monkey – Always ready for Mischief

Little Monkey

Little Monkey stretching 1

Quagga Disguise – Little Monkey

Little Monkey 2

Little Monkey Collapsed 1

Little Monkey

Little Monkey 1

Little Monkey

And let’s not forget Little Monkey’s companion, dear old Mr Spaghetti Legs, who helped to make this blog what it is today.

Peas in a Pod – SL and LM

LM and SL check out the Puzzle Tree

LM and SL

LM Sundog 2

LM Sundog 4

Happy LM

LM 2

Super Dog

I hope you have enjoyed this special post on my very own Super Dog!



The Frog Who Lived on the Stoep

Ceramic Green Frog

This little green ceramic frog lives on my stoep amongst my plant pots.

Frog and Plant Pots

There are other animals hiding here too.


You have already seen Bunny.

Stone Frog

And Mr Frog.

Blue Ceramic Tortoise

There is also Mr Tortoise, a blue ceramic reptile.

Apart from all these, shall we say “less active” pets; my stoep is also occasionally visited by Sparky the Squirrel, and frequently by Cheeky Chops, the Olive Thrush, who uses Little Monkey’s water bowls for his daily ablutions.


This post is for Garfield Hugs, who wanted to know more about my stoep pets. 


Double Exposure!


Tag; you’re it!  Catch me if you can!

I was sitting quietly in the lounge having a cuppa and doing crosswords, when I caught a movement out of the corner of my eye. When I looked up I saw a squirrel on the fence outside. I grabbed my camera and took a quick photo. Then I noticed that there were actually two Sparkies playing on the fence.

I wanted to take more shots, but my camera froze for some reason; maybe because it was jolly cold!

Anyway, it was nice to see these two chasing each other as if they were twitterpated! It means Spring is just around the corner.

All the birds around are noisily proclaiming their territories and there are Shouting Wars going on at all hours. On our dog walk a few days ago Little Monkey and I saw about eight Egyptian Geese, sitting high above us in the branches of the massive fir trees and also on the rooves of nearby houses, all honking loudly at each other. It was ear-shattering!

And I saw my first snowdrop that day too.


Charged but Not Guilty!

Little Monkey

Little Monkey is under attack!

From time to time when you are out walking your dog, you are going to come across loose dogs. Lately, there have been more than usual roaming free in my area. People seem to be getting lax in checking that their dogs are secure before going out for the day.


One incident occurred the other week when Little Monkey and I were enjoying a leisurely amble around the neighbourhood. It was a nice sunny day and a public holiday, so it was particularly quiet and peaceful.

We had nearly finished our walk when suddenly two large dogs came hurtling out of their property, charging straight for us. They didn’t like the fact that we were near their territory, even though we were 20 metres from them and walking away.

One dog was a German Shepherd cross, the other a large Rhodesian Ridgeback. The GSD started it by dashing up first, barking and snarling, lips back, teeth bared. It was anxious rather than aggressive, but that didn’t mean it wouldn’t bite. The Ridgeback was more dominant and came running to back up its pack mate; totally prepared to fight. They both wanted to attack Little Monkey. Two dogs are worse than one!

LM did her usual freak out, leaping in the air, shaking her head and barking.

I shoved her behind me and confronted the dogs, all in one fluid movement. (I have become adept at doing this!)

Facing the dogs I bellowed BACK OFF! while stamping my foot and thrusting my arm at them.

It was enough to get them to stop. Often that is all you need; stop the attack, let them reassess and calm down a bit.

Dogs can read body language and energies very well. If you can project a calm, strong, fearless state, you’ll be more in control of the situation.

They were still very keen on attacking LM, so I took another step forwards, my hand firmly indicating they should back up and told them, “Go Home!”

Finally, the owner called his dogs and they went back to him.

LM and I carried on our walk; she soon forgetting all about it, but I was no longer nice and relaxed!


The most recent incident involved another neighbourhood dog who had somehow been shut out of his property.

Little Monkey and I were walking back from my friend’s house and were nearly home, when suddenly a black dog came charging out of a side lane. This was also an anxious dog, but he meant business and again really wanted to attack LM.

I did the same procedure as above, which stopped him momentarily.

By this time LM knows I’m dealing with it, so unless the dog actually does get to her, she won’t react any more.

I kept myself between the two dogs as I tried to walk away. Continually telling the black dog to back off and batting my cap at it.

Luckily for me, there was a gardener on the grass verge of a house nearby, with a weedeater (strimmer). Once I’d got the dog to back off a bit the gardener revved his weedeater in the direction of the dog and the noise was enough to scare it back down the lane!

LM and I very gratefully made our get away!

The dog had come from a house down at the end of the lane and the next time I went past that way I checked to see he was there.

Yep! There he was, barking at us as we passed the end of the lane, 25 metres away from him!


Why do the dogs charge Little Monkey?

Some dogs are just going to attack anything that is near their property. Others will go for the more anxious dogs, like LM. You get to know your own dog and learn to control the situation as much as possible.

Of course, it is easier if you have a calmer more stable dog, like Mr Spaghetti Legs was.


Though these attacks were scary, they were not my worst encounter. That was with two extremely aggressive pit bull type dogs that charged LM in the forest, detailed in Little Monkey gets mugged – a Ten Year Anniversary post.


I Hate Winter!

Little Monkey

Little Monkey’s rebuttal to my last post.

Poor Little Monkey!

She is a Sun Dog and really hates the cold, damp, windy winters of Cape Town. So she puts herself back to bed in the kitchen and waits for the sun to return.

Lucky for her, our winter is short. (Like this post!)


Action Shot!

Little Monkey

Little Monkey is all ears!

Here’s an action shot of Little Monkey running towards me.

Doesn’t she look like a completely different dog, with her normally floppy ears sticking up like a German Shepherd?

And who would suspect that my daft old girl is 13 years old next month!


Neither my little Canon camera nor I had the ability to snap LM in focus as she charged straight at us! 


Pick On Someone Your Own Size!

Little Monkey

So Little Monkey got charged by a snarling, barking dog again.

Not as horrific as you might be thinking.

This particular monster was a very young Labrador puppy and barely came up to LM’s ankles!

It shot out of its house, ran right across the road and went straight for LM, snarling, yapping, barking and snapping.

LM was a bit surprised and was just about to react when I put her behind me and faced the little rat. I easily stopped it by bending down and grabbing it by the scruff of the neck and its harness.

A man working at the house (not the owner of the pup) came rushing over, picked up the puppy and took it back inside.

We were both laughing at the puppy’s antics.

It was hilarious!

But in a year or two, when it is fully grown and weighing 30 kg, it won’t be so funny!