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Chestnut Horse

I came across this handsome fellow at a vineyard the other day. (His mouth looks a bit funny because he is chewing grass!)

What might not show up so much in my photos is the magnificent chestnut sheen to his coat.

Chestnut Horse 2

I had stopped my car to the side of the lane and got out for a better view.

Chestnut Horse 3

The horse was way off in the field when I arrived, but I just stood at the fence admiring him.

Chestnut Horse 4

He saw me and came sauntering over; right up to the fence to say Hello.

Chestnut Horse 5

I stroked his muzzle and patted his neck.

Chestnut Horse 6

Two happy beings meeting by mutual consent on a field in the middle of vineyards with a backdrop of distant mountains.

Chestnut Horse 7

When I returned that way later he’d been joined by his friend.

Chestnut Horse 8

They were walking away from me in the far distance; two magnificent steeds.


post script: I realise that my friends in the freezing Northern Hemisphere probably read my title and assumed I was referring to “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire”.

Nope. Far too hot here to think of that, especially with the sun roasting us every day!




You Lookin’ at Me?

Talk about tolerance. Here is Little Monkey sharing her garden with a large wild bird; the hadeda.

LM and Hadeda

The birds are often on our lawn, sometimes in pairs, digging away with their beaks and removing unwanted bugs from the grass.

Two Hadeda

Mostly LM ignores them and lets them get on with it. But every now and then she will make a play-charge at them, barking and bouncing. They always keep one eye on her.

You ARE Lookin’at Me!

They take one look at LM lolloping towards them, then resignedly flap their large square wings, taking off easily from a standing start.

Often they only go as far as the other side of the pool!

Little Monkey and the hadeda play a game of ‘dog and bird’ like ‘cat and mouse’, but mostly they seem to think that this garden is big enough for the both of them.


post script: Of course all tolerance flies out of the window if there’s a cat in the garden!




When the whole Festive Season gets a little too much for you, take a tip from Sparky the squirrel; chill out and relax.

Talk about taking a chill pill, I think Sparky must have swallowed the whole packet!

I saw this little chap hop up onto the top of my fence. He tried out a position on the first gate post. Not finding this to his liking, he sauntered along the top of the gate, pausing to have a scratch at the next pole. Then he stretched himself out to catch a little sun.

Although it is summer here and temperatures are often in the mid to high thirties, (I quickly specify Centigrade here for my American friends!) there has been a strong wind most days (up to 12 m/s – 27 mph) which (fortunately) cools it down.

Obviously it was a little too cool for Sparky, hence the sunbathing chillax session.

I have to add, that it really doesn’t look all that comfortable!


post script: I like that he feels safe enough to stretch out here on my fence and take a short nap. He’d be safer in a tree, but he wouldn’t catch the rays then.

Photo taken through my window.


A Shaggy Dog Story

LM 2

Here’s my very own Shaggy Dog.

LM 1

My, what big ears you have Mr Wolf!

Twice a year Little Monkey has a bath.

She hates it!

LM 3

The only thing that makes bathtime bearable is –

LM 4

The treats she gets afterwards!

LM 5

Nom Nom Nom

LM 6

Hey Mum! Come give me a tummy tickle!

LM 7

And after all that hard work, a little nap in the sun.

LM 8

Finally dry enough to come back inside.

All Done and Dusted – and Fluffy!


post script: LM’s last bath was in March! Even though she is not a stinky dog, I really think the minimum number of washes is two a year. Now she smells so fresh and her coat is even softer. She is getting lots of extra cuddles!

post post script: A Shaggy Dog Story is a very long winded kind of joke with a pointless punchline.

For example: This is the shortest Shaggy Dog Story I know; one my Dad used to tell me.

One dark and stormy night, two men were crossing a bridge. And one man says to the other, “Antonio, tell us a tale.” And the tale ran thus. One dark and stormy night, two men were crossing a bridge. And one man says to the other, “Antonio, tell us a tale.” And the tale ran thus. One dark and stormy night, two men were crossing a bridge. And one man says to the other, “Antonio, tell us a tale.” And the tale ran thus. . . . 

You get the picture!


Ready, Steady, Go!

Sparky 1

Here’s an idyllic scene: Little Sparky the squirrel stopped by my garden to quench his thirst at my makeshift bird bath; (A cut down piece of plastic fit on top of the original (leaking) stone bird bath). I guess with the on-going drought here in Cape Town, he thought it made a good watering hole.

He didn’t count on Little Monkey!


I did not spot Sparky to begin with. What I did notice was Little Monkey on the stoep. Instantly I knew something was up, as she had both ears back when she glanced at me, and a look of great expectation on her little face!

I looked beyond LM and spotted something on the bird bath. My first thought was that it was a massive rat (we get them sometimes; Norwegian Brown). Then I noticed the thick tail.

Phew! It was Sparky the squirrel.

I popped back inside to grab my trusty Canon, but as I aimed to take the shot, there was another shot. LM set off like an athlete at the starter’s gun!

This is the only photo I got!

Sparky 2

With consummate ease, little Sparky hopped straight up into the apple tree, the branches of which overhang the bird bath for the safety of little birds. Safe!


Note: No Sparky’s were harmed in the making of this post!



Unwelcome Visitors

You Little Monkey

I am waging war today!

Perhaps not what you would expect to hear from me, especially after yesterday’s peace post.

But there are some critters without whom the world would be a much better place.

I refer, of course, to those blood sucking parasites we all know.

What am I talking about?

Little Monkey has fleas!

Little Monkey – Always ready for Mischief

And it is all-out war!!


Treat the dog

Treat the environment

Spray everything

Vacuum everything

Wash everything

Repeat till victorious!

Happy Little Monkey


post script: This was not the post I had intended for today, but by the time I had waged my all-out war, I was too exhausted to be creative!

It is more than three years since LM last had these visitors, so we’ve done very well. The flea and tick season has just begun; if she’s going to get them it is usually this time of year.

The reason she rarely catches fleas is because she keeps away from other dogs, even when mingling with 30 or more dogs in her weekly socialising classes. She must have picked one flea up during the last class, when all the dogs were lying very close together doing stays. I choose the calmer more stable dogs for her to lie next to and then she’ll tolerate them. Unfortunately, one of the dogs must have passed on this unwelcome visitor!


Black Cats

Cat’s Eyes 1

Happy Halloween!

This is a guest spot by Little Monkey’s Arch Nemesis, Princess Morbo, my daughter Pix’s cat.

Cat’s Eyes 2

I have always thought black cats are lucky. Not everyone thinks this way.

Cat’s Eyes 3

If you go to a rescue centre, you will find an inordinate number of black cats waiting to be adopted.

Cat’s Eyes 4

People pick all the pretty and unusual colours first. Friday 27 October was Black Cat Day to raise awareness of the problem. Check out this Simon’s Cat cartoon.

Cat’s Eyes 5

Who could resist those eyes?

It is the same for black dogs. They are the ones always left there at the rescue organisations. Animals have no idea what colour they are. Isn’t it about time we also became colour blind?

For some fun Black Cat facts check out this little clip of Cole the Black Cat.

Happy Halloween!


Halloween is not really celebrated here in SA, though I do have two bowls of sweets ready on the dining table, just in case.

Of course, if no-one comes again, like last year, I guess I’ll just have to eat them all myself. It’s a hard task, but someone has to do it!