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New Beginnings

Apple Blossom 1

Haiku 280

Gnarly old branches

Every spring surprising me

With new beginnings


My ancient apple tree was here when we bought the house, eons ago.

Its trunk is lumpy and diseased, yet it still somehow manages to regenerate each year.

Apple Blossom 2

Every time I walk past this tree I check it for new growth. First there were a few new green leaves.

Then finally, one day, I spot what I’ve been waiting for. The first apple blossom.

Now it is spring!



Apple Blossom

Apple Blossom

High up at the top of my ancient tree I spotted the first apple blossom of spring.

To snap the photo, I had to stretch my arm right up above my head and hope I was aiming my little point and click Canon camera in the right general direction.

I could have done with a selfie stick!