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The Writing’s in the Sky

Sky Strata 1

Haiku 159

Writing in the sky

If only I could read it

What wonders I’d learn


Sky Strata 2

Now and then it pays to look up. You never know what marvels you might be missing.


Backlit Composition

Back-lit Agapanthus

Haiku 92

Like alien trees

 Growing on other planets

Backlit blue flowers



I was standing down in the vineyard car park and the Agapanthus flowers were a metre or so above me, with rows of grapes growing behind them.

There were clouds in the sky, which is unusual for summer in Cape Town, and that, plus shooting into the sun, produces a monochrome effect.


Portrait of a Dog #10

Portrait of Little Monkey 1

Here is Little Monkey on one of our walks, with wild grasses whispering in the breeze behind her. I just love the background; it looks like she has stepped into a painting.

Portrait of Little Monkey 2

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a portrait (almost four years!), so LM has a lot more silver around the muzzle now, but apart from that she is still the same lovable noo noo.



Monet Flowers 1

Summer Lament

I wandered sweltering as a lava flow

Came across an idyllic scene

Splashes of orange-gold sparkling in the sun

Dappled light-play amongst the green


Monet Flowers 2

It is hard to convey just how hot it feels here, when there is no breath of wind and the sun beats down mercilessly from dawn to dusk. We are only at the beginning of our long summer, with the hottest months of January and February still to look forward to! And there is unlikely to be any rain until next April.

You can drink cold water all day long and still be dehydrated. The slightest exertion brings you out in a sweat. There is no respite; even sitting under the trees does not help when there is no breeze.

That is why this little scene was so welcome.

It reminded me of Monet. Not that I know much about art, but I do know there is a Monet and a Manet. Still, I googled Claude Monet and yes, he was an early impressionist artist who painted like this.

Monet LM 3

While I was drinking in the sights, Little Monkey was far more interested in the scents.

The short walk back to the car in full sun nearly finished me off. The air-con no longer works in my car, so there was no relief even there. And unlike Little Monkey, I cannot drive with my head stuck out of the window!

Send Snow Photos ASAP!!


The Frog Who Lived on the Stoep

Ceramic Green Frog

This little green ceramic frog lives on my stoep amongst my plant pots.

Frog and Plant Pots

There are other animals hiding here too.


You have already seen Bunny.

Stone Frog

And Mr Frog.

Blue Ceramic Tortoise

There is also Mr Tortoise, a blue ceramic reptile.

Apart from all these, shall we say “less active” pets; my stoep is also occasionally visited by Sparky the Squirrel, and frequently by Cheeky Chops, the Olive Thrush, who uses Little Monkey’s water bowls for his daily ablutions.


This post is for Garfield Hugs, who wanted to know more about my stoep pets. 


Three Little Maids

Three Roses 1

I find it interesting just how much the background of a photo can make a difference to a shot.

Here I present a series of three photos of roses blooming on my floribunda bush right now. (Yes we are approaching winter, but my roses don’t care!)

Three Roses 2

I changed my position as I took the shots, to alter what was showing in the background.

People have different tastes in art, so I suppose will like different things in a photo.

Three Roses 3 – Photo One

Maybe you like the busy green background of photo one above?

Three Roses 4 – Photo Two

Or the less busy, but still something going on, background of photo two?

Three Roses 5 – Photo Three

I prefer the plain dark background of photo three.

Three Roses 1

I like the crisp edge it gives to the petals and how the pink shows up beautifully against the darkness. (It looks much crisper before being processed by WordPress.)


What’s your favourite photo? You are welcome to tell me in the comments below.


post script: Obviously I don’t have the photographic skills of most of my fellow bloggers, nor the correct terminology. I’m just having fun!

“Three Little Maids” refers to the song, Three Little Maids From School Are We, from Gilbert and Sullivan’s comic opera, The Mikado.